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Relationship Rescue Retreat: Homework

At the end of day one of the "Relationship Rescue Retreat," Dr. Phil assigns some homework for the six couples to complete individually.

  • Write one page about "the current deadness" in your life.
  • Write one page about "the current loneliness" in your life.
  • List 20 times you asked for or needed love and were denied.
  • List 20 times someone asked you for or needed your love, and you denied them.
  • Write a 65-item "bitch list" about your partner.
  • List your top 10 "tapes" about women, men, love and marriage. A tape is something that just plays through your head. It's something that you believe so much that it's just become automatic. For example, your tape about men might be, "Men are bossy," or "Men are power hungry." What you truly believe about men, women, love and marriage has become so embedded in how you think that it's practically a part of your DNA.
  • Write a script for your ideal marriage. It can be one page, two pages or 10 pages.



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