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Tips From a Booty Camper's Kitchen Clean-up

By JJ Virgin, CNS

Cleaning out your kitchen:
  • Read the labels. Be on the lookout for partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup; avoid these!
  • Choose items that are high in fiber, don't contain white flour, are low in sugar grams and fat grams (especially saturated fat).
  • Be sure to look at the recommended portion sizes when you are assessing the item.
  • Don't keep the unhealthy stuff for the "rest of the family." They need to eat healthy too! Remember, the time to create good eating habits is when you are young. Exposure to healthy foods will become their preference, so if you keep exposing your kids to sugar cereals and French fries, you are teaching them to enjoy it!
  • To sauté with lots of flavor and hardly any fat, mist your veggies lightly with olive oil using a mister and then sauté in a pan, adding chicken broth as needed to prevent sticking.
  • After cooking the leanest ground beef (96% lean), chicken or turkey, run it under water in a colander to rinse off the rest of the fat.

    What I tossed from Michele's pantry and why:

    Everything in here was Low Response Cost, Low Nutrient Yield and had lots of sugar and bad fats. These are what Dr. Phil calls "hunger drivers":

    Large size BBQ sauces -lots of hidden sugar here
    1/2 Gallon containers of pancake syrup - more sugar
    Sugar-sweetened cereal
    Shortbread cookies - sugar and saturated fat
    Fruit gummy snacks - all sugar
    Boxes of sugar
    Jumbo ketchup - hidden sugar here too!
    Cookies - sugar and bad fats
    Chips, chips, more chips - fats and a lots of salt
    Ranch dressing - loaded with fat
    Biscotti cookies - sugar
    Flour tortillas - white flour and lard
    Ramen noodles - they're deep fried and full of fat
    Hard taco shells - bad fats
    Wheat crackers - unless it says whole wheat, it's white flour in disguise)

    What I put into Michele's pantry and refrigerator:

    Here are some great staples that are High Response Cost, High Yield Foods that naturally are hunger suppressors:

    Fresh fruit including pears, apples, kiwis and tangerines
    Fresh and dried herbs including Mrs. Dash in assorted flavors
    Sugar-free vanilla extract and cinnamon for natural sweetness
    A rainbow assortment of veggies for salads and snacking
    Sparkling water
    Lemons and limes
    Emergency Vitamin C to put in sparkling water for a pick-me-up
    Low carb pasta
    Whole grain crackers
    Whole wheat crackers
    Whole grain hot cereal
    Kashi Go Lean cereal
    Nonfat mayo
    Marinara with no sugar added
    Dijon mustard
    Balsamic vinegar
    Rice wine vinegar
    Extra virgin olive oil & olive oil mister
    Fat free chicken broth
    Black beans
    Low sodium vegetable soup
    Green chilis
    Low carb tortillas and whole wheat tortillas
    Whole grain bread
    Vanilla whey protein powder
    Frozen berries
    Frozen spinach
    Edamame in the shells
    Peanut butter - no sugar or fat added
    Almond butter
    Raw nuts
    Ground beef, 96% fat free
    Chicken breasts
    Lowfat string cheese
    Nonfat yogurt
    Nonfat cheese
    Nonfat sour cream
    Nonfat milk

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