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Life After 9/11

As the nation remembers the devastating events of Sept. 11, Dr. Phil looks at dealing with grief and recovering from the tragedy.

  • It is still way too high a price to pay if Sept. 11 has helped transform us. There is no way that what happened is worth anything that comes out of it. But it is even worse if you don't find meaning from the tragedy. Find a way to create value and a refocus in your own life.

  • Don't make life decisions when you're in the midst of emotional turmoil. The anniversary may be a very difficult time, and you may find yourself in a state of equilibrium. Wait until you're level and calm.

  • Channel your energy and emotions. Find something positive to do that helps you release the sadness and grief.

  • Give yourself permission to grieve and to continue grieving. Even a year later, it's OK to have anxiety and feel overwhelmed by the scope of what happened. And remember that people grieve in very different ways.

  • You can honor those who died by climbing out of your emotional hole. Celebrate America and let our brothers and sisters who have died be proud to see us standing tall.

  • If you want to heal yourself, try giving to others. When you need comfort and strength, giving can help fill yourself up.

  • Give your feelings a voice. A year later, we still need to talk about the tragedy.

  • Make a commitment to yourself to change the way you live. Insight without action is worthless. Ask yourself:

    1. What do you think was important before Sept. 11 that you see as unimportant now?

    2. What do you now realize you neglected that you should have focused on?

    3. What do you pledge to make important now?

    4. What would be left unsaid and undone if you lost a loved one today?

    5. What must you do now to live to a new standard?