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Age: 30
Height: 5'1"
Starting weight: 307 lbs.
Total weight lost: 87.5 lbs.
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Occupation: Social work student

AnnMarie was date raped in high school, and has used food and her excess weight to protect herself. There is a history of obesity in her family, and weight became more of an issue for her after her parents' divorce when she was 9.

AnnMarie would often binge at night when she returned home and in the past has used food as a substitute for dating.

Meet AnnMarie.

One-on-One with Dr. Phil.

AnnMarie's internal dialogue.

Key #2: Healing Feelings.

AnnMarie reveals her past.

How she's inspiring others.

Reflecting on the past year.

The final physical competition.

Her surprise at the finale!

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