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Top 10 Beverages to Avoid

By Dr. Tom Diaz

Research shows that many of us don't factor the calories we consume through drinking into our daily total. When you drink your calories, you consume them much faster than you would if you ate them, which causes insulin, a fat-storing hormone, to rise more quickly.

Tip: If you are drinking a smoothie type of drink as a meal or snack, choose a small one that is made with plain yogurt rather than juice, have them add fiber (berries and flaxseed meal or wheat bran) and some whey protein so that you get a balance of carbs, fat and protein, and be sure to sip slowly.


1. Beer
There is a reason for the term "beer belly."

2. Coffee Drinks
Those foo foo drinks are loaded with calories, mainly from sugar, and also contain caffeine.

3. Smoothies
Again, lots of calories and usually high in sugar.

4. Juices
Did I mention sugar? Eat fruits instead.

5. Sodas
Contain sugar, salt and caffeine.

6. Diet Drinks
Contain artificial sweeteners, sodium and caffeine.

7. Mixed Alcoholic Drinks
Contain sugar and alcohol — especially créme alcoholic beverages. The sugar and saturated fats will be immediately taken up by the body and stored. How many times have you tried to exercise after a cocktail? Never.

8. Sports Drinks
Should only be consumed after grueling exercise.

9. Sweetened Teas
They're loaded with sugar.

10. Flavored Waters
Watch out for sugar and artificial sweeteners.