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Quiz: Are You Vulnerable to Negative Social Influences?

Dr. Philip Zimbardo is internationally recognized as a leading voice and face of contemporary psychology, and is the author of The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn EvilIn his groundbreaking experiments, results have shown that a large portion of people will blindly follow a leader or authority figure, without asking questions. Dr. Zimbardo offers this quiz to find out if you or someone you know could be vulnerable to negative social influences:

1) Do you easily trust people who seem like authorities?

2) Do you have trouble admitting when you are wrong or made a mistake?

3) Are you easily shamed by your occasional mistake or failure?


4) Do you look for the easy way out of complex situations?


5) Do you think getting a second opinion is a waste of time?


6) Would you rather share responsibility for difficult decisions than be personally accountable?


7) Do you always follow the "rules"?



If you answered "yes" to three of these questions, you are at risk of being vulnerable to negative social influences. If you answered "yes" to five or six of these questions, you are vulnerable to negative social influences.



Dr. Zimbardo created the Heroic Imagination Project with a goal to teach people that anyone can become an everyday hero. For more information, check out:!