Life Strategies

Living Authentically

Getting real is hard, but you have to do it if you're going to live authentically.


Life Law #1: Do You Get It?

Are you really living or just existing? Get excited about your life with Dr. Phil's advice!


Internal Dialogue

Your internal dialogue powerfully programs and shapes your self-concept. These exercises will help you eliminate your self-defeating thoughts.


Personal Relationship Values

Breathe new life into your relationship by embracing these powerful values.


What's Your Personality?

These tests will show if you're a Porcupine, Chicken Little or Poser.


Formula for Success

Feel like you're never in the winner's circle? Dr. Phil looks at the traits of successful people.


Seven Steps to Acquiring Your Goals

These steps for success will help you attain each and every goal.


Take Responsibility for Your Life

Need a life makeover? Dr. Phil shows you how to behave your way to success.