Want to Start a Business?

Before embarking on a new enterprise, be sure to do your research.


Start-Up Businesses

Eighty percent of new businesses will fail or cease to exist beyond five to seven years.

-- U.S. Small Business Administration

Reasons why businesses fail

The number one reason small businesses fail is because the business owner didn’t take time to conduct a feasibility analysis, market and business plan.

-- U.S. Small Business Administration


The top 10 reasons why small businesses fail are:

-- Counselors to America’s Small Business



Mary and Heather, co-authors of MomsTown: The Guide to Getting it All describe the biggest mistakes they see moms making when starting their own business: 

Women Entrepreneurs


Women start businesses at two times the rate of men, but find it harder at the outset to grow their businesses and access venture capital.


-- Women’s Financial Network


9.1 million women own businesses in the U.S.


-- ABC News, Mellody Hobson, personal finance expert, 2005

-- Counselors to America’s Small Businesses