FBI Cyber Division Tips for Protecting Your Child Online

Do you have a child who spends time on the computer? Do you know what he/she is doing and whom he/she is talking to? The Internet can put a world of information at your child's fingertips, but can also leave your child vulnerable to exploitation by strangers. Protect your children from the risks related to online communication and be involved in your child's Internet activities. The FBI Cyber Division provides these tips for parents:



Signs That Your Child Might Be at Risk Online:

What to Do if You Suspect Your Child is Communicating with a Sexual Predator Online:

  1. Your child or anyone in the household has received child pornography.
  2. Your child has been sexually solicited by someone who knows that your child is under 18 years of age.
  3. Your child has received sexually explicit images from someone who knows your child is under the age of 18.

If one of these scenarios occurs, keep the computer turned off in order to preserve any evidence for future law enforcement use. Unless directed to do so by the law enforcement agency, you should not attempt to copy any of the images and/or text found on the computer.


How to Minimize the Chances of an Online Exploiter Victimizing Your Child:

Instruct your children:


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