How to Talk to Your Kids about Money

Financial expert Susan Beacham is the Founder and CEO of Money Savvy Generation, a company that teaches money management basics to elementary school-aged children, to empower kids to take control of their financial lives and, in turn, their futures. She offers parents tips for talking with their children about money:

Why Parents Should Talk to Their Kids about Money:


When Parents Should Start to Teach Kids about Money:


Dos and Don'ts of Teaching Kids about Money:


Mistakes Parents Make Regarding Kids and Money:


How to Talk about the Economic Situation:


Getting Kids Involved with Saving Money:


In these very uncertain economic times, if you feel out of control, imagine how your kids feel. Abundance is possibly all they have known since the day they were born. To help them — and you — survive and thrive in this new economy, here are some money-savvy tips that will save more than a few pennies and teach kids how to live richly while spending less:

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