Do You Know Your Alcohol Limit?

Alcohol and bad judgment can be a dangerous combination. Do you think you know when it's safe to drive after you've been drinking? Can you tell when you've reached the legal blood alcohol limit? Dr. Phil quashes shocking myths about drinking and sobering up. This is information you need so the next time you're tossing a few back at dinner, a wedding or a backyard BBQ, you'll think twice about how many glasses may have been too many.

Myths and Facts about Sobering Up


Myth: Coffee will wake you up.
Fact: Caffeine cannot restore judgment. Only time rids the body of alcohol.

Myth: Eating a big meal before you drink will keep you sober.
Fact: Food in the stomach merely delays absorption into the bloodstream; it doesn't stop it. It's not a defense against heavy drinking.

Myth: I can compensate by driving very slowly.
Fact: Drinking and driving isn't safe at any speed.


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