Quiz: Are You Obsessed with Aging?

Do you dread getting older? Do you do everything to fight Father Time? Answer the questions below to learn if you are overly worried about aging:



1. Do you examine your head for gray hair and obsessively cover it with dye?

2. Are you stressed with your perception of bags under your eyes and go to any measure to eliminate them?

3. Do you constantly shop for the latest and best anti-aging cream?

4. Do you worry about the wrinkles on your face?

5. You would not consider it risky or excessive to repeat Botox treatments, especially if it made you look younger?

6. Have you looked online for anti-aging supplements more than two times a day?

7. Do you constantly compare your face and body to others your age and younger?

8. Do you wear clothes that are designed for a younger set than your age group?

9. Are you afraid of people knowing your real age?

10. Is your greatest fear losing your memory, which is a sign of old age?

If you answered yes to seven or more questions, you are spending a lot of energy worrying about aging. Learn how to accept getting older:


How To Accept Aging