Discipline Questionnaire

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A Discipline Questionnaire for Parents

Want to know how well you are parenting your children? Take Dr. Phil's test by answering true or false to the following questions.


Part 1


1. My children can predict the consequences of their actions with a high degree of accuracy. True False
2. My children know they have to perform certain things they don't want to do in order to get access to things they do want to do. True False
3. My partner and I present a united front regarding rules and discipline to our children. True False
4. I adjust my communications to my child to his/her level of understanding, taking his/her age into account. True False
5.  I am friendly and loving with my children yet I have established myself clearly as a respected authority figure in their lives. True False


Part 2 


1. I choose rewards and punishments based on what works. True False
2. I reward my child for good behavior. True False
3. I parent without guilt. True False
4. I am sensitive to not over-scheduling my child. True False
5.  I render discipline without anger. True False



If you answered "false" to any questions in part one or part two, there are things you can do to more effectively discipline your child.