Use Your Web Cam!

We want to see you! Tell Dr. Phil what's going on in your life. 

Can you catch something that someone is doing on video? Tell us what they are doing and let us see them in action!

If you want to "bust" your spouse, your neighbor, your fiancé, friend or in-law, send in your video. 

Capture your meddling in-laws, cheaters, stealing, vandalizing teens, explosive anger — whatever you want Dr. Phil to see.


In your video message: 

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Describe the topic you are speaking about, how you feel and the advice you are seeking.
3. Wear a solid colored top (no white, beige, red or black)
4. Check your Web cam to make sure the audio is working and you can be heard clearly

If you are uploading video of a wedding or other event, please use the form below to tell us:

1. What the event is
2. What you are trying to show us on the video
3. That you have permission for us to use the video. If your video includes another person, please include contact information for them. 




To upload your video, click the Browse button below. Locate the file on your computer. Click on the file and then click "OK." When you click the Submit button below, your video will begin to upload. 



Click here to read our submission guidelines. Videos will not be returned. You must be 18 years old to participate. You must be willing to appear on TV. By sending in Web cam video, you are consenting for it to be used on the air and are agreeing to our Terms of Use.


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