Having a Life Dilemma?

Do you have a HUGE choice to make? Are you completely torn and unsure of what the right decisions is? Do all the decisions seem wrong?

Are you having trouble choosing between two people you love? Is your family giving you ultimatums? Are you being forced to choose between your career and your family?Are you wondering about whether or not to leave your husband?

Are you at a loss of what to do with your troublesome kid? Do you and your spouse disagree about discipline? Are you worried about another friend or relative's kid?

Do you have a big secret? Do you know someone else who does? Are you arguing with yourself about whether or not to tell someone? Did you catch your friend's husband having an affair or doing something wrong? Are you wondering whether or not to tell someone?

Is there something else that may be keeping you up at night? Do you need help making a huge decision? If this sounds like you, write us an email!

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