Judged for Your Child’s Weight?

Are you or someone you know a parent who is being judged because of  your young child’s weight and eating habits? Do family members or friends question your parenting because your child weighs more than what they feel is “normal”? Are you tired of strangers staring or making comments about your child? Do others try to tell you that your child is obese? Do you want others to mind their own business? Is this just a phase your child will grow out of? Do others need to realize this is just “baby fat”and that your child is just naturally bigger boned than other kids? Are you frustrated because others don’t understand what it’s like to raise a child who refuses to eat healthy foods? Are you outraged that doctors are trying to put your young child on a diet?


If you or someone you know has a young child who others consider overweight or obese and you would like to defend your child, please send us your story!

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