Meddling, rude mother in law?

Producer's Note: Please upload a picture of yourself and/or your mother-in-law and give concrete examples of what she has done in the form below in order to be considered to appear on the show. 

Do you have a meddling, rude mother-in-law? Is she a crazy old lady that needs to be stopped?  Does she write you nasty notes or emails? Does she post rude comments on your Facebook page to embarrass you or call you out publicly ? Does she tell your husband lies and/or  embarrass you in front of other family members? Does she try to tell you what YOU should be doing, how to run  YOUR household and raise YOUR kids ?  Does she act like she's the one married to your husband instead of you? Does this cause a feud between you and your husband and/or the rest your family? Does she lie, cheat and make unreasonable demands? Does she feel she is perfectly justified and would love the opportunity to tell Dr. Phil all about why she can't stand you?   Is this a problem that you would like Dr. Phil to help with? If so, and you both would like to speak with Dr. Phil on our show about it, please email us today!

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