Family or Marriage in Crisis?

Do you look like the all American family on the outside, but behind closed doors have horrible screaming matches? Does it feel like every day of your life you’re in a fight? Are you being yelled at? Is your spouse or loved one screaming at you? Are you surprised by the things being said? Has it turned vicious, brutal, accusatory, or violent? Has your best friend become your worst enemy? Has someone cheated, been physically abused or destroyed someone’s property? Is divorce the next logical step? Are you getting tired of seeing bumps and bruises on your body? Are you worried about your kids’ future? Have you started recording phone calls, saving text messages or e-mails because you can’t believe what’s being said? Are you being BLAMED for causing all the problems – or talked down to? Are you sick of being put in your place time and time again? Do you ever fear for your safety? Are things escalating to a dangerous level. If you’re at the end of your rope because things have gotten so extreme and you’re looking for help or a way out please submit your story. ONLY EMAIL THE SHOW IF YOU’RE WILLING TO APPEAR ON TV WITH DR. PHIL
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