Did Social Media Ruin Your Reputation?

Did you upload a photo or comment to your Facebook, Instagram, and or Twitter feed that you regret? Was it a picture of you kissing a married man/woman? Did you say something racist? Did you pose nude and not know it was going to be posted all over the internet? Did you have an angry rant and publicly displayed and now wish your could take it down forever? Did that photo or comment cause friends and family to ban you from social gatherings, hanging out, losing friends? Did you apologize and your apologies went to deaf ear? Have you tried to get the posters to stop sending you threats, but the backlash continues? Or do you have a story to tell and it was caught on tape? Did this video ruin your life? Tell us how this footage has turned your life upside down. Tell us what social media nightmare you are going through? We want to hear your story.
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