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1Advice - Topics to Discuss with Your Doctor
Five vital topics to address during your next appointment. ...
2Shows - The Doctor, the Wife and the Mistress
Dr. Phil continues his in-depth look into the anatomy of an affair. Remember Ed, the married doctor with the pregnant m ...
3Shows - Extreme Weight with The Doctors
The Doctors are in the house! Dr. Phil’s team of medical experts, including OB-GYN Lisa Masterson, family therapist Dr ...
4Advice - Tips for Checking Up on Your Doctor
When you’re preparing for a medical procedure — from a minor in-office treatment to major surgery — how do you kno ...
5The Doctors
6Shows - Ask The Doctors
Imagine having your doctor on speed dial to answer your questions 24/7. Here’s your chance, because The Doctors are ba ...
7Be in the Audience - Ask the Doctors!
8Dr. Phil
9Shows - Ask The Doctors
The Doctors are in the house! Dr. Phil is joined by his renowned panel of medical professionals, including Lisa Masterso ...
10Be on the Show - Criticized for Refusing to Take Child to a Doctor?

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