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          May 27, 2016

          A Hidden Pregnancy and A Faked Abortion: “Is There Hope For My Relationship?”

          Twenty-year-old old Courtney and 23-year-old Ryan met on a popular dating app a year ago and Courtney just gave birth to their child. But Courtney claims Ryan has been cheating throughout their relationship and suspects he still is. Ryan says Courtney’s temper can get violent and her lies are just as bad – in fact, he says she lied about having an abortion for three months. The young couple moved in with Courtney’s parents and sister, who all admit they know almost nothing about Ryan, and until seven months into her pregnancy, didn’t even know Courtney was pregnant! Dr. Phil dives deep under the surface of this young couple’s dysfunctional relationship to figure out what is really going on.

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          May 26, 2016

          Exclusive: Accused Freeway Sniper Speaks Out

          In August 2015, a string of freeway sniper shootings caused a wave of panic that left Arizona residents fearing for their lives. After weeks of searching for the sniper, authorities said they had linked a gun to four of the I-10 shootings – and that gun had belonged to 21-year-old Leslie Merritt Jr., and he was arrested. But Leslie proclaimed his innocence saying his gun was at the pawnshop during the time the shootings occurred.

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          May 25, 2016

          Ex-Major League Baseball Player Now Facing Major Problems

          Richie Lewis was a three-time All-American, hall of fame college pitcher, who became one of Major League Baseball’s most electric personalities, striking out some of the game’s greatest players. But now, his wife Andrea and their three children claim since Richie was forced to retire from the majors due to an injury, Richie says his life has no purpose without baseball and he has no reason to live. Richie’s family claims his depression and alcoholism have led him to become a sloppy, blackout and abusive drunk, who has become a public embarrassment to himself and his family. Richie insists the only issue he is facing is depression from leaving the game he loved. Before coming to Dr. Phil, Richie demanded no one discuss his alleged alcoholism, and he threatened to walk out of their lives forever if they did not honor his demand. What happens when Richie finds out he is indeed part of an alcohol intervention? Plus, Richie’s college teammate Deion Sanders drops everything to fly to Los Angeles to surprise and help his dear friend. Will all this effort convince Richie that he needs help?

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          May 24, 2016

          A Custody Confrontation As Sandra Storms Off: Will She Return?

          For the past two years, Sandra and Joey say they have been in a bitter battle over custody of their two young daughters. Sandra says she wants to set the record straight about things that were said and occurred during her previous appearances. She agrees to take a polygraph to show she did not coach her children to make false accusations about their father. But before the test results are revealed, Sandra walks off stage. Find out why. Will she return to hear the results?

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          May 23, 2016

          Sandra And Joey Return: Will Sandra Finally Take The Polygraph And Drug Test?

          Sandra and Joey, exes in a bitter custody battle with accusations of physical and sexual abuse toward their daughters, return to the show. Will Sandra take a polygraph to help prove she has not coached her daughters to make up allegations against their father? And, what causes her to storm off stage? Plus, on Tuesday, will Sandra return?

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          May 20, 2016

          Jayson’s Polygraph Results Revealed: Kristina’s Decision

          Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Kristina, who is conflicted over whether she should believe her boyfriend and the father of newborn child, Jayson, who lost his parental rights due to accusations of past sexual molestation -- accusations he denies. What does Dr. Phil discover about their relationship? And, what does Jayson say when asked if he’s been abusive with Kristina? And, Jayson takes a polygraph about the sexual abuse allegations. You don’t want to miss the results! Will Kristina choose to be with the father of her newborn child and risk losing the baby?

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          May 19, 2016

          A Mom’s Dilemma: Her Infant or the Love of Her Life?

          Kristina wrote to Dr. Phil for help “finding out the truth” about her boyfriend, Jayson, who lost his rights to their newborn son because he had also already lost rights to his other children due to sexual abuse findings. Kristina says she loves Jayson and believes him when he says he never harmed his kids. However, Kristina’s mother, Mary, says she is convinced Jayson is dangerous and guilty. Jayson says he wants a chance to prove his innocence and be reunited with Kristina and their son. And, on Friday, Jayson takes a polygraph.

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          May 18, 2016

          Schoolyard Setup Exclusive: Drugs Planted in a PTA Mom’s Car

          Former PTA President and mom volunteer Kelli Peters claimed she was terrorized and framed by a fellow mom and high-powered attorney Jill Easter and her Ivy League educated husband, Kent. After a school spat, Kelli says Jill and Kent hatched a diabolical plot to frame her, secretly stashing bags of drugs in her car. After DNA evidence was collected, they both were arrested. Jill, who has now served time for her part in the incident and changed her name to Ava Everhart, speaks out for the very first time in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. She says no one knows the real story of what happened.

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          May 17, 2016

          An Engaged Couple Divided: Will Kyle and Jordan Call Off Their Wedding?

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jordan and Kyle, a young engaged couple who came to the show to tackle “major issues” they are facing before they get married. Jordan claims Kyle, who has a black belt in karate, has pushed her to the floor, hurt her eye, and left bruises on her body during physical holds he calls a “take down.” Kyle not only denies abusing Jordan, he says that “take downs” are merely him trying to stop Jordan and that she shares blame for their relationship problems. Hear Jordan’s mom’s words to her daughter. Plus, Robin McGraw shares how the Aspire News app, created by her foundation When Georgia Smiled, could help save a life and shares warning signs of an abusive relationships.

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          May 16, 2016

          “My Fiancé Admits to Putting His Hands on Me and Pouring Ice Water on Me, But It’s Partially My Fault For Provoking Him”

          Jordan has alleged that her fiancé, Kyle, has “verbally abused” her and that she has bruises on her arms and legs which she says she gets from “take downs,” and she says she’s tired of it. Kyle vehemently denies being responsible for fighting with Jordan, and he says that “take downs” are merely him trying to stop Jordan when he claims she is being physically aggressive toward him. Despite her complaints, Jordan insists that she partially provokes Kyle with her “annoying” behavior. And, on Tuesday, Jordan’s mom, Lynn, who says she wants her daughter to leave her fiancé, speaks out to Jordan and begs her to reconsider staying with Kyle. Will this couple decide to call off their wedding, and will Jordan want to walk away from a man she claims she loves so much she is afraid to leave? Don’t miss Jordan’s shocking decision.

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          May 13, 2016

          “My Family Thinks I’m Crazy, But I Think They’re Crazy!”

          Amber, a 24-year-old mother of three, has said that when life gets tough, she checks herself into a mental hospital. Amber says that during her four hospital stays in the past eight years, she’s been diagnosed with “20 mental illnesses.” Amber says she does not believe any of her diagnoses nor take prescribed medication because she says nothing is wrong with her. Amber’s parents describe her as “manic, crazy and volatile,” and they say they want her institutionalized. Amber’s sister claims Amber is a “psycho, manipulative, drama queen” who could be lying about her diagnoses. You won’t want to miss Dr. Phil’s gripping conversation with Amber and her family. And hear what he believes may be at the root of Amber’s behavior.

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          May 12, 2016

          Will Ashley Confess?

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with husband and wife, Nathan and April, who claim a woman named Ashely is fixated on their beautiful twin daughters and continuously posts pictures of them online, posing as their mother. How will Ashley, who says that, prior to this matter, she didn’t even know who April is, react when confronted with facts and information showing pictures of the twins on her pages and her alleged posts? You do not want to miss this second part!

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          May 11, 2016

          “I Believe A Stranger Is Obsessed With My Beautiful Twin Daughters and Has ‘Cyber Hijacked’ Them!”

          April claims a woman named Ashley is electronically “stealing” pictures of her twin daughters and posing as their mother online! April claims that Ashley has been obsessed with her daughters since they were born and won’t stop posting their pictures on her own social media pages. April claims she is even afraid Ashley’s alleged fixation on her daughters might drive her to actually kidnap them one day! However, Ashley denies April’s claims and says she doesn’t even know her! Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of this? And, on Thursday, will Ashley change her tune?

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          May 10, 2016

          “I Sleep With A Gun Because I Am Terrified My 19-Year-Old Son Will Kill Me”

          Angie says her 19-year-old son was arrested for allegedly trying to run over an ex-girlfriend with his car. She says she is so afraid of his volatile behavior that she sleeps with a gun. Is there hope for this mother and son? Then, Lezley’s unarmed 18-year-old son, Michael Brown, was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson, MO by a police officer. She says her son was not a symbol; he was her baby boy, so she’s written a book, Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil; The Life, Legacy and Love of My Son Michael Brown, to tell his story. And, Angie shares her story of unwavering determination to find out what happened during her son’s final moments before he was shot and killed by a police officer. Plus, former guest Marian gives Dr. Phil an update on the police shooting of her unarmed son, Robbie, and her mission to take Robbie’s case to the Supreme Court.

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          May 09, 2016

          “My Daughter Is A Lazy, Lying Mooch Who Neglects Her Kids”

          Christy’s 14-year-old daughter wrote an urgent email to the show begging for help for her “alcoholic” mother. Christy’s family claims Christy is a neglectful parent who prefers questionable men and partying to her own children. They also say she’s a lazy, lying mooch who lives rent-free in her parents’ condo. Will Dr. Phil’s wake-up call inspire Christy to change her behavior?

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          May 06, 2016

          “My Mom is a Party Girl Who Traded in Her Children for The Single Life”

          Courtney claims that after her parent’s divorce six years ago, her mother, Michelle, became a “party girl” who basically traded in her children for a life of parties, drinking and men. Courtney says her mother’s dangerous behavior has already resulted in 2 DUIs and a serious car accident that nearly killed her. Courtney says her greatest fear is that “the next time I see my mom will be at her funeral.” Michelle claims that after her divorce, Courtney and her two other children went on with their lives without her, and says that’s why she turned to friends, men and drinking. What does Dr. Phil say Michelle must do to save her life and save her relationship with her children?

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          May 05, 2016

          Megan’s Men: Who Is More Controlling, Her Dad Or Her Husband?

          Allen says he and his daughter, Megan, were close her entire life until she met her husband, Jim, when she was 18 and Jim was 26. He claims Jim controls Megan and alleges Jim has physically attacked him. He says Jim has gone out of his way to turn his only daughter against him and that all he wants is for his daughter and grandchildren to be back in his life. Megan denies that he her husband is controlling and says she cut her father out of her life because of what she and her husband say are his poor choices. Can Dr. Phil help this feuding family come to a truce so that Allen can see his grandkids?

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          May 04, 2016

          Guilty of Sexually Assaulting a Patient … Or is He Innocent?

          In 2008, Jamison Adsit was working as a safety companion, tasked with ensuring the security and well-being of patients in a hospital in Syracuse, NY. Six weeks into the job, Jamison says he was accused of something unthinkable -- sexually assaulting a female patient. He adamantly denies doing anything wrong with his patient and swears he was the one who was attacked! Jamison, who was found guilty of committing a criminal sexual act in the second degree and spent five years in prison, maintains his innocence and says he is absolutely convinced he got a bum deal in court and doesn’t deserve to be listed on the sex offender registry.

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          May 03, 2016

          The Investigation of “David Chris Jr.” Continues: Is He Really a Catfish?

          Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Barbara, who admits she has wired money to her online boyfriend, “David Chris Jr.,” a man she says she met on what she believed was a financial advice website, but has never met in person. Today, meet the man behind the photo of "David Chris Jr." and hear what he has to say. And, Dr. Phil continues his investigation, including interviewing people and even hiring an investigator in Nigeria, to find out answers for Barbara and her family.

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          May 02, 2016

          "I Am Convinced My Granny is Being Catfished By a Man Who is Posing as a Financial Planner and She Could Go To Jail!”

          Barbara admits she has wired money to her online boyfriend, "David Chris Jr.," whom she has never met in person. According to Barbara, “David Chris Jr.” claimed to be an overseas financial advisor who assists people with getting government grants, and is currently on assignment in Nigeria. She says she can’t wait for “David Chris Jr.” to come home from Nigeria where he’s "stuck dealing with 'business issues.'” Barbara says is looking forward to retiring in Michigan with him in his lakeside home. But, Barbara’s daughters and granddaughter say they believe this will never happen. They say “David Chris Jr.” does not exist and Barbara is just being used as a “money mule!”

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