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          July 01, 2016

          Mama's Little Boy or Daddy's Little Girl: Identity Confusion or Brainwashing?

          Until recently, divorced couple Michelle and Kyle say they’ve been co-parenting their 4-year-old intersex child, Aubrey, as a girl. But Michelle claims that Aubrey recently began insisting that she’s a boy, so she traded in Aubrey’s “girl” toys, clothes, and hairstyle to appease her child’s wishes. Kyle claims he wasn’t consulted and says he was furious about this decision, and ever since, Aubrey has been living as a boy with his mom during the week, and as a girl with her dad on the weekends. Kyle’s current wife, Brittany, wrote to Dr. Phil in a desperate attempt to end this gender war. Can Dr. Phil help these parents become a united front for the sake of their child?

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          June 30, 2016

          The Unbelievable Story of the Breast Pump Bandit: His Affairs, His Addictions, His Excuses

          On Tuesday, amid claims of drinking and doing drugs with teenagers and extramarital affairs, Dr. Phil revealed that Lauren’s father, John, had been dubbed the “Breast Pump Bandit” by his city’s local news, for stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of breast pumps and selling them online — and admitted to taking Lauren on some of his shoplifting heists. Today, John admits that he’s addicted to Xanax and crack cocaine, and to stealing from Lauren’s mother to support his habit. Lauren says she wants her mom to kick him out of their lives once and for all. How does Laura respond? It’s a shocking conclusion you don’t want to miss!

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          June 29, 2016

          "My Crazy Childhood: My Dad Was The Breast Pump Bandit and His Mistress Lived in Our House"

          Lauren says she resents her parents, Laura and John, for the life she says she lived as a teen. She claims that Laura neglected to teach her any life skills and encouraged her to drop out of high school in the eleventh grade and that John was more of a friend than a parent, who drank alcohol and used drugs with her and her teenage friends. John admits he was the “party dad,” who even hosted parties at his house, but says he used drugs and alcohol as a way to bond with Lauren. But is this just the tip of the iceberg? Lauren also claims that her dad had multiple affairs – including one with her mom’s best friend – and that her mom stole her identity and racked up $50,000 in debt – a claim Laura denies. Then, Dr. Phil drops the bombshell that John spent nearly two years behind bars and was dubbed the “Breast Pump Bandit” by his city’s local news, for stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of breast pumps and selling them online. Plus, learn why Laura says she allowed John to bring another woman to live with them — while she slept on the couch! It’s a Dr. Phil episode you cannot miss!

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          June 28, 2016

          "I'm Raising My Granddaughter Because I Think My Daughter is Violent, Abusive and Neglectful!"

          Susie says she’s at the end of her rope trying to raise her 4-year-old granddaughter and claims her daughter, Adriana, 20, neglects her parental duties to spend time with her boyfriend, Matt. Adriana strongly denies her accusations, and Matt claims Susie and her husband, Ray, judge him because of a history of past drug use and having a criminal record – but he says he has changed his life and his ways. Can Dr. Phil help get to the root of their issues for the sake of the child?

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          June 27, 2016

          "I Am God’s Prophet and My Family is Trying to Destroy Me"

          From curing rare forms of cancer to foreseeing mass destruction and freeing others from sickness and sin, Julia says she believes she is “God’s chosen prophet” and has these types of abilities and more. She also says as “His vessel,” she must carry out His commands. But her parents, Mark and Cheryll, claim that Julia said God told her to quit her high-paying job, which they say caused her to be homeless; taught her how to resurrect living creatures from the dead, which Julia has said she can do; and that it was her destiny to marry a man named “Jeff,” which they say resulted in a restraining order. Julia calls her parents “blasphemous” and claims they’re trying to destroy her by wanting to send her to a mental health facility. But Mark and Cheryll say they’re concerned for the well-being of their grandchildren, particularly their young grandchild who Julia claims also has “the gift.” Julia’s parents say that they’ve been researching ways to gain custody of their grandchildren.  Julia’s husband, Damien, says he believes Julia is a prophet of God. Hear how he says Julia healed him. Then, hear from Julia’s sister, Angie, who says she doesn’t believe her sister is a prophet at all. What does she think is at the root of Julia’s beliefs? Is Julia abiding by the scripture she expects others to live by? Does her family believe mental illness might be a factor?

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          June 24, 2016

          61-Year-Old Polygamous Pastor Marries 19-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend with His Wife’s Blessing

          Thom, 61, is a former convict-turned-pastor and polyganist who recently “wed,” and is expecting a child with 19-year-old Reba  — with the blessing of his 44-year-old wife, Belinda. Belinda says she believes bringing a “sister wife” into her marriage is a “beautiful thing” and Reba says, despite the 41-year age gap, she knows she’s with the love of her life. Thom claims the backlash to their lifestyle from the community and on social media has been so severe that he fears for his safety. Is this an alternative union of true love? What does Dr. Phil think?

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          June 23, 2016

          "We Think Our Mom is Cheating, Lying and Choosing Men Over Us! Should We Cut Her Off or Cut Her Some Slack?"

          Brittney, 18, and Katelyn, 19, claim that throughout their lives, their mom, Cheryl, has been “neglectful, full of excuses, and absent,” and chooses to “party with men” rather than be a mom. They and their grandmother, Sharron, say they’re concerned with what they call Cheryl’s promiscuous behavior and wonder if it could be caused by a sex addiction.  Cheryl adamantly denies their accusations and says she’s ready to cut ties if they don’t stop ganging up on her.  Can Dr. Phil help get to the root of this family’s issues so they can start healing?

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          June 22, 2016

          Protective Mom or Jilted Lover?

          Angela claims her ex-boyfriend, Geddy, is an unfit father to their 2-year-old son and she wants his parental rights revoked. She claims Geddy is a convicted felon with ties to a child pornography scandal involving the FBI and that Geddy has physically and sexually abused their son – all claims Geddy vehemently denies – but Angela says she has proof and she’ll do everything in her power to protect her little boy. Geddy says there is absolutely no truth to Angela’s allegations and claims she is a vindictive, jilted ex- lover who is using their innocent son to make his life a living hell. Is Angela a woman scorned who’s out for revenge? Is Geddy a danger to their son? Will a polygraph test help determine who’s telling the truth?

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          June 21, 2016

          "Should I Give Up on Getting Hot?"

          Nadine is a beautiful 36-year-old who says behind her smile is a woman traumatized by a lifelong obsession to be thin. She estimates that over the years, she’s gained and lost at least 1,000 pounds, and says all of the yo-yo dieting has left her with what she calls “Post Traumatic Diet Disorder,” which includes feeling jittery, sleep deprivation and a list of foods she thinks she can’t eat. Jeannea, a 41-year-old mother of two, says she keeps a stash of junk food and drinks two 16-ounce sodas a day because she fears losing weight may ruin her marriage. Her husband, Travis, says he thinks that’s just an excuse for Jeanna to be inactive. Can Nadine and Jeannea learn to adopt healthier habits? Then, a 25-year-old blames her weight for never having a boyfriend, and a young mom says her scale hasn’t budged since she had her second child. Can Dr. Phil help get their health and fitness back on track? Plus, Dr. Phil provides tips for enjoying meals while still minding your weight goals this holiday season.

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          June 20, 2016

          "Facing Jail Time Because Step-Daughter is a Liar"

          Ruth and her husband, Mike, say Ruth’s 20-year-old daughter, Allie’s, lies are ruining their lives and have cost them relationships with family and friends, their business, more than $100,000 in legal fees, and have landed them both behind bars. Mike claims he’s often the target of Allie’s lies and says as a result, he is facing up to four years in jail on charges of statutory rape in the 2nd degree  – for something he is adamant he never did. Allie admits that she lies, but says she doesn’t know why. What does Dr. Phil think may be at the root of her behavior?

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          June 17, 2016

          A Military Cop's Confession to His Family: "I Want to Be a Woman"

          Gary says he was floored when his nephew Zach, whom he’s been raising since he was a few days old and considers a son, revealed a desire to “become a woman” and identifies as transgender, using the name Steph. Gary says he cannot accept Steph and feels being transgender is wrong, and he blames himself for what he believes is a sickness. But there is another family member that also admits to being just as shocked by this revelation — Zach’s wife Becky, who says she has sacrificed everything to try to make her marriage work since finding out about her husband’s desire to transition last year. Steph says she finally is able to be the individual she was born to be, and refuses to allow her wife or family to keep her from embracing her true self. How will Gary react to seeing Steph for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage? It is an emotional moment you will not believe! Plus, don’t miss the shocking way Becky found out her husband was transgender. And, Kristin Beck, the first openly transgender former Navy Seal takes the stage, and sits face to face with Gary for a powerful conversation.

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          June 16, 2016

          "I'm Fighting for Custody of My Child with My Ex-Husband Who I Believe is Stalking Me"

          Leslie claims her ex-husband, Andy, is controlling, abusive and narcissistic, and she desperately hopes one day to have joint custody of their 5-year-old son. She says Andy stalks her by tapping her phone, tracking her car with GPS, and even that his family is spying on her from the trees. Andy has primary custody of their son and says that’s the way it should be — he adamantly denies Leslie’s claims and says she is delusional, a liar, and can’t be trusted with their boy. He says their seven-year marriage ended because of Leslie’s drug relapses and paranoia, and that he once crawled around the ground with a flashlight looking for “people who were stalking her.” Leslie admits that she has a criminal record stemming from problems with substance abuse, but says that’s all in the past. Leslie’s mother, Myrna, says she knew Andy was “bad news from day one,” and claims Andy is a control freak who uses her grandson to get what he wants. But Myrna admits that her relationship with Leslie is difficult, and that they fought as recently as the night before appearing on the show. Don’t miss this emotional showdown as Dr. Phil gets to the core of this family’s problems and what’s best for the 5-year-old boy stuck in the middle.

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          June 15, 2016

          "The Clock is Ticking, and if Dr. Phil Can't Help Us, My Wife is Divorcing Me Next Week"

          Vicki and her husband, Mark, have been married for only two years, but already they say they are at a crossroads in their relationship. Vicki has filed to terminate their marriage, and the final divorce hearing is next week! After saying “I do,” Vicki says she now believes that Mark is a liar and a cheater who has been secretly carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a younger woman. Mark says Vicki is insecure, delusional and obsessed with the idea that he’s cheating. Mark is desperate to save his marriage and is willing to take a lie detector test. Vicki says she’ll call off the divorce if Mark can prove he has been faithful. Can this marriage be saved, today, before time runs out?

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          June 14, 2016

          Uncle Kevin Answers the Accusations

          Bridget says she’s not sure what to believe about the relationship between her 38-year-old brother-in-law, Kevin, and 16-year-old daughter, Grace. She says she felt red flags were raised when Grace told her that Kevin put whipped cream on his neck and asked her to lick it off — which Kevin claims not to remember — and when she read the contents of a letter written from Kevin to Grace. Dr. Phil thinks Bridget is in need of a wake-up call. He sits down one on one with Kevin to address the “whipped cream incident” and the letter, in which Kevin wrote, “I love you in my own special way.” How does Kevin explain his actions? Then, Grace’s 19-year-old sister, Payton, says she believes Kevin puts Grace before his own wife, Carrie. What does Carrie think? Don’t miss this explosive Dr. Phil!

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          June 13, 2016

          "I'm Worried My Brother-in-Law is Having an Affair with My 16-Year-Old Daughter"

          Bridget says she’s worried that her 38-year-old brother-in-law, Kevin, may be having an inappropriate relationship with her 16-year-old daughter, Grace. She says Kevin visits and spends alone time with Grace as often as four times a week, and that a red flag was raised when Grace told her that Kevin put whipped cream on his neck and asked her to lick it off — which Kevin claims not to remember. Bridget says she snooped around Grace’s bedroom and found a letter that Kevin wrote to Grace. Hear what Kevin wrote in that letter that Bridget says made her “feel sick.” Kevin strongly denies having an inappropriate relationship with his niece and claims that he’s just trying to be a father figure since Grace’s dad passed away. Bridget admits she’s not sure what to believe, but her sister, Tami, says that she thinks Kevin acts like more than a friend, claiming that he has even given Grace a secret cell phone so they can communicate with each other — a claim Kevin denies. Tami says she thinks Bridget and Kevin’s wife, Carrie, are in denial about their relationship. Is this a case of innocent bonding between an uncle and his niece, or is there something more?

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          June 10, 2016

          Exclusive: Eight Siblings Tortured and Held Hostage By Their Own Father

          In a Dr. Phil exclusive, eight siblings who were held captive, tortured and starved open up about their abusive father.

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          June 09, 2016

          "Acquitted of Kidnapping But My Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty"

          Laura made local headlines when she became the subject of a fugitive investigation after being accused of kidnapping her then 4-year-old daughter and going on the run. Her estranged husband, Joe, says he and Laura were going through a custody dispute when she left with their daughter and took off across three different states. Joe claims Laura threatened to kill their daughter and herself if police started to move in -- which Laura denies.

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          June 08, 2016

          "My Ex-Wife Claims I Molested Our Daughter Who Ran off with Her Boyfriend"

          Gina turned to Dr. Phil for help with her 18-year-old daughter, Alexis, whom she said she believed was kidnapped by her survivalist boyfriend, David, claims both Alexis and David absolutely deny. But as this story unfolded, another layer of accusations surfaced. Alexis’ biological father, Dan, says that years ago, after breaking up with Gina, she accused him of molesting Alexis when she was just 2 years old.

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          June 07, 2016

          "I'm Afraid My Daughter Was Kidnapped by Her Survivalist Boyfriend"

          Gina says she believes her 18-year-old daughter, Alexis, was "kidnapped" and "held hostage" by her survivalist boyfriend David, 19 — a claim both Alexis and David deny — and she and her husband, Mike, fear for Alexis’safety.

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          June 06, 2016

          "Dr. Phil, I Need Your Help Again: My Daughter is Hitchhiking and Train Hopping as a Portland Street Kid"

          Five years ago, Tammy came to Dr. Phil for help with what she called unleashing her “special brand” of anger on her then 15 and 13-year-old daughters, Tatiana and Tameeka — yelling and screaming at them and anyone else who got in her way. Since the show, Tammy says she has curbed her anger, but needs Dr. Phil’s help again!

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