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          September 02, 2016

          Addicted to 'Rock' But Now At Rock Bottom

          Kris, 43, has been chasing his dream of being a rock and roll superstar his entire life. He says he’s “addicted to fame” and just like a drug addiction, the pursuit of his dream has cost him everything. Kris’ rock idol, Gene Simmons from KISS, makes a surprise appearance to help set Kris straight. And, Dr. Phil tells Kris what he must do to get his life back on track.

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          September 01, 2016

          Will Ashley Confess?

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with husband and wife, Nathan and April, who claim a woman named Ashely is fixated on their beautiful twin daughters an

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          August 31, 2016

          "I Believe A Stranger Is Obsessed With My Beautiful Twin Daughters and Has 'Cyber Hijacked' Them!"

          April claims a woman named Ashley is electronically “stealing” pictures of her twin daughters and posing as their mother online! April claims that Ashley h

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          August 30, 2016

          "Help Me Dr. Phil, I Believe My Husband Is Poisoning My Food and Injecting Me with Needles!"

          Pat claims for the last nine months, her husband, Mira, has been injecting her with poison while she sleeps as well as poisoning her food, so he can molest their three teenage daughters. Mira adamantly denies the allegations and says his wife’s accusations are part of a delusional and paranoid mental illness, and he is desperate for her to get help. How does Mira respond to the hundreds of photos of what Pat claims are needle injection marks all over her body? Plus, Dr. Phil sits down with their three teenage daughters and asks them if their father has ever abused them.

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          August 29, 2016

          "Fat Guy" Bikes Cross Country: To Save His Life or to Scam America?

          Self-proclaimed “fat guy” Eric says he was 560 pounds and unhappy with his weight, so he decided to do something unexpected — go on an epic bike ride across America. He says his goals were to lose weight, write a book and rescue his failing relationship with his wife. After his story went viral, thousands of dollars rolled into his GoFundMe campaign and so did the critics, saying Eric was scamming America. Is Eric trying to lose weight and save his life and marriage, or is he just conning the country? Find out as he also confronts some of his “haters” face-to-face for the first time.

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          August 26, 2016

          A Baby Ripped from the Womb: One Mother's Nightmare

          An attack in Colorado almost too brutal to believe: A fetus ripped from a mother’s womb. Dr. Phil has the exclusive interview with brave survivor Michelle Wilkins, whose story made national headlines. A young mother-to-be, full of joy and happily preparing for her baby daughter’s arrival, answered a seemingly innocent ad on Craigslist offering up free maternity clothes. She had no idea she was about to walk into her worst nightmare. Michelle went to pick up the clothing, but she didn’t leave with new outfits; she left in an ambulance, clinging to life, without her baby. Her fetus was ripped from her womb. Michelle’s inspiring story is one of incredible survival, love and loss.

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          August 25, 2016

          "My Daughter Is a Liar and Catfishing Boys Online"

          Shannon claims her beautiful teenage daughter Ryann is a pathological liar and a catfish, who portrays herself online as a bubbly cheerleader.

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          August 24, 2016

          "I Believe My ‘Mooching’ Nephew and His Alleged Six Alter Egos are Duping My Sister"

          Laurie says her 23-year-old son, Dillon, was a sweet, loving child, but as a teen, she claims he split into multiple personalities, including twin boys, a cat named “Felix” who speaks with an Australian accent, and “Adam,” who she says is scary and prone to violent outbursts. Laurie claims Dillon suffers from schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, ADHD and bipolar disorder. But not everyone in the family believes Dillon has multiple personalities. Laurie’s sister Danielle says she’s convinced Dillon is faking his disorder and claims he is really a “moocher” who has been manipulating Laurie to get what he wants and avoid working. Dillon denies Danielle’s claims and says she just doesn’t understand his disorders and difficulties. Does Dillon really have multiple personality disorder? And, how might Laurie be contributing to Dillon’s behavior? Dr. Phil helps get to the truth so this family can start healing. Don’t miss this compelling Dr. Phil!

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          August 23, 2016

          Ex-Major League Baseball Player Now Facing Major Problems

          Richie Lewis was a three-time All-American, hall of fame college pitcher, who became one of Major League Baseball’s most electric personalities.

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          August 22, 2016

          Wife of Top Restaurant Executive Claims She Was Scammed Out of $3 Million By Famous Football Star: Victim or Co-Conspirator?

          Anita, 73, who was married to the CEO of the popular fast food restaurant chain, Wendy’s, is now a felon convicted of scamming her former friends and employees out of a half million dollars. But the socialite, who once lived in a lavish home and mingled with celebrities, says she is the victim and was duped out of her $3 million dollar fortune by Ohio State and NFL quarterback, Art Schlichter, who then pressured her to borrow money from others. Anita’s former housekeeper, Sue, 72, says Anita borrowed $85,000 and promised to repay her with post-dated checks, but when Sue tried to cash those checks, they bounced. Was Anita a victim or was she a co-conspirator?

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          August 19, 2016

          Anorexic Mom: Torn Between Two Men

          Mother of three Erika says her doctors told her she only had three months to live due to her organs “shutting down from anorexia”. But her husband, Jon, says he believes she is exaggerating her diagnosis because she wants attention, when he is the one who is struggling with a real addiction – drugs. Erika says she is scared to leave the children with Jon, but would trust her ex-boyfriend Jason to care for them. Dr. Phil tries to help this couple get to the bottom of Erika’s eating disorder, in part by looking at her medical records. What might be behind Erika’s eating disorder? Could she really only have months to live?

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          August 18, 2016

          Disowned By My Daughters after 35 Years of Drinking, 57 '911' Calls, 170 Days in Jail and 8 Rehabs

          Morgan and Ashley claim their mom Treva is “a toxic, violent alcoholic,” who they say is way out of control, and that although she’s been to rehab eight ti

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          August 17, 2016

          Accusations of Bruises, Moldy Baby Bottles and a SWAT Team: “I’m Not Giving My Grandson Back!”

          Kim claims her grandson was being raised in a home with maggots, moldy baby bottles and dirty dishes, so she says she was forced to step in and take guardi

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          August 16, 2016

          Megan's Men: Who Is More Controlling, Her Dad Or Her Husband?

          Allen says he and his daughter, Megan, were close her entire life until she met her husband, Jim, when she was 18 and Jim was 26. He claims Jim controls Me

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          August 15, 2016

          Teacher Guilty Of Sleeping With Student Is Now Suing Him!

          Former teacher Tanya Ramirez pled guilty for crossing a forbidden line … having sex with a 17-year-old student who attended the school where she taught, and now, she’s done something many find even more unbelievable, she’s suing him and his mother. After pleading guilty to this charge, Ramirez filed a lawsuit against the teen accusing him of “extreme and outrageous” conduct and invasion of privacy for recording their late-night rendezvous. Ramirez claims the teen showed the tape around school for bragging rights. Ramirez says the sex was consensual, and says the student is an adult and he was just fine after the encounter. Teacher and student face off on Dr. Phil’s stage for the first time.

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          August 12, 2016

          The Parents of Missing 15-Year-Old Found Alive React to Her Claims

          Dr. Phil meets the family of the missing 15-year-old girl, who say they were shocked by the details she revealed to Dr. Phil about what she says happened to her when she went missing. Her mom, Linda, and Linda’s fiancé, Britt, learn new information about the reasons Linda’s daughter says she wanted to leave home. Find out what happens that causes Britt to storm off stage. Can this divided family put their tension aside and work together for the sake of the teen?

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          August 11, 2016

          Exclusive: Missing 15-Year-Old Girl Found Alive After Allegedly Being Held Hostage! Is There More to the Story?

          Linda says her life became a living nightmare the night her 15-year-old daughter went out to walk the dog and didn’t return. With family, friends and loved ones desperate to find the missing girl, a massive search was launched and continued for the next 23 days until Linda’s daughter was found. <i>Dr. Phil</i> show producers were on the phone the same day she found out her daughter was found by the FBI, and then also traveled with her to reunite with her in Missouri! Today, the young teen girl sits down with Dr. Phil to speak for the first time publicly about what she says happened during her time with the accused predator. What does she say prompted her to leave her house that night? And, what does she claim happened to her once she left her family home.

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          August 10, 2016

          "My Twins Are Complete Opposites: One is a College Honors Student and The Other Might Be A Sugar Baby and Drop Out!"

          Identical twins Shaylen and Skyler admit they were close growing up – and yet, now, Skyler says their parents treat her like “the bad twin,” while they tre

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          August 09, 2016

          Guilty of Sexually Assaulting a Patient … Or is He Innocent?

          In 2008, Jamison Adsit was working as a safety companion, tasked with ensuring the security and well-being of patients in a hospital in Syracuse, NY. Six w

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          August 08, 2016

          Hoarding Ultimatum: Your Junk Or Me

          Richard says his six-year marriage to Kelli ended mainly due to Kelli’s obsession with keeping “stuff”! The couple has been divorced for 12 years and is now considering getting re-married, but only, Richard says, if Kelli can stop hoarding once and for all. Their new wedding date is quickly approaching and Richard says Kelli has made zero progress to give up her hoarding addiction. Kelli admits she has a problem and says her “valued” possession range from collectable ceramic shoes, to old newspapers, garbage bags full of receipts, unopened expired boxes of cereal and plastic bags full of plastic bags. Richard says Kelli’s hoarding problem is so bad that they can only get into one of their four bedrooms, and Kelli sleeps on one couch and their 14-year-old son sleeps on the other. Their son also says he’s been sleeping on the couch since he was 5 or 6 years old, that he can’t get into his bedroom and that he has never been able to have friends over. Kelli says she hasn’t allowed anyone in her house in over 14 years — except the Dr. Phil show. You won’t believe what producers saw and found when the home was tested for possible mold. Can Dr. Phil help put this family back together again and help Kelli overcome her hoarding addiction?

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