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Monday - December 22, 2014

"He's Nearly 30 and Engaged to My Teen with Braces"

Jeanne says her 17-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, was the all-American girl -- a cheerleader, track star and straight-A honor student -- until she began dating Josh, a 28-year-old divorced father. Jeanne says her daughter has become rude, disrespectful, verbally and physically abusive, and she’s worried Cheyenne is throwing away her promising future. Cheyenne says she loves Josh, and no one can keep her from seeing him -- not even her mother. Josh says there’s nothing wrong with his relationship with Cheyenne, and he can’t wait until his fiancée is 18, so they don’t have to deal with Jeanne anymore. Dr. Phil takes a look at Josh’s history -- should Jeanne be concerned? And, can this fractured mother-daughter relationship be repaired?


Tuesday - December 23, 2014

Love Scams: “My Mother Sent Her Online Fiancé over $300,000 and 3 Cars”

Norma, a 70-year-old widow, says she can’t wait to move to Ghana to be with her fiancé, “Richard,” whom she met online two years ago but has never seen in person, despite sending him her entire life savings of more than $300,000 — as well as three cars. Norma’s daughter, Tammy, believes her mother is being scammed by a catfish. Dr. Phil tracks down the real man behind the images of “Richard” — is this a scam? Plus, get an update on two past guests: Sebrina, who learned she had been victimized in a catfish scam, and Anna, who confronted her husband, Pablo, about his infidelities. How are they now?


Wednesday - December 24, 2014

"My Ex Won't Stop Videotaping and Posting Our Out-of-Control Son's Tantrums"

Amie says she lives in fear of her 7-year-old son, Jayden, who has violent outbursts in which he punches, kicks, spits and throws things, prompting her to call the police at least 15 times this year. Desperate for help, Amie says she began posting videos of Jayden’s tantrums online, one of which has received almost 2.5 million views. But Jayden’s father, Chad, says Amie is just looking for attention and blames her for their son’s bad behavior, claiming she sometimes triggers his outbursts. Dr. Phil brings the exes together in search of answers. How does Chad respond to Amie’s allegations that he is an absentee father? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s revealing one-on-one talk with Jayden. How can Amie and Chad learn to co-parent peacefully and get Jayden back on track?


Thursday - December 25, 2014

"Why is My Prince Charming Hurting Me?"

Beth says she thought her live-in boyfriend, Patrick, was her Prince Charming, but now she claims he’s a liar, cheater, alcoholic and narcissist who verbally abuses her daily — and she worries about the toll it’s taking on their blended family of seven, soon to be eight. Patrick admits he has said hurtful things in anger but insists he has nothing to hide and should be trusted. Beth reveals that she recently hired someone to follow Patrick and track his moves — has she caught him in a lie? Dr. Phil weighs in — does he think there’s a future for this couple in crisis? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised.


Friday - December 26, 2014

"Give My Daughter Back or Get Out of My Life!"

Dana is furious with her sister, Jaye, who she says refuses to relinquish temporary guardianship of Dana’s 13-year-old daughter. Dana admits she has struggled with drugs in the past but says she has been clean for 21 months and is desperate to bring her daughter home. But Jaye insists her niece is doing great in her care and questions whether Dana has really changed. Dr. Phil intervenes in this sister vs. sister custody battle. Why does Dana claim Jaye is acting out of spite? And, hear from the teen caught in the middle of this tug-of-war — what does she want? Plus, Dr. Phil weighs in — what does he think is the family’s best plan for moving forward?




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