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Monday - October 20, 2014

"Why is My Prince Charming Hurting Me?"

Beth says she thought her live-in boyfriend, Patrick, was her Prince Charming, but now she claims he’s a liar, cheater, alcoholic and narcissist who verbally abuses her daily — and she worries about the toll it’s taking on their blended family of seven, soon to be eight. Patrick admits he has said hurtful things in anger but insists he has nothing to hide and should be trusted. Beth reveals that she recently hired someone to follow Patrick and track his moves — has she caught him in a lie? Dr. Phil weighs in — does he think there’s a future for this couple in crisis? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised.


Tuesday - October 21, 2014

Who's Stalking Who?: Two Women Obsessed

Canda claims for the past three years, she has been cyberstalked and bullied by Annette, a woman she has never even met. She says Annette is obsessed with her life and is using the Internet as a tool to embarrass and humiliate her — including publicizing her criminal record. But Annette tells a very different story and insists Canda is the one stalking her, sending her as many as 6,000 emails in a single day. Dr. Phil brings the women face to face for the first time in search of a peaceful resolution. What’s at the root of this bad blood? The only connection between the two women is a man — Annette’s ex-boyfriend, whom Canda dated nearly 30 years ago in high school. Hear what he has to say. Is this a case of jealousy run amok? And, can Canda and Annette finally reach a truce?


Wednesday - October 22, 2014

Footsteps in the Snow: The Cold Case Murder of Maria Ridulph

On Dec. 3, 1957, 7-year-old Maria Ridulph disappeared near her Illinois home, and five months later, her body was found. The case went cold for 55 years, until a mother’s deathbed confession implicated her own son, Jack McCullough — once known as John Tessier — who eventually was convicted of the murder, despite maintaining his innocence. Dr. Phil sits down with Maria’s brother, Chuck, and talks to Maria’s friend Kathy — the last person to see her alive. What happened that fateful night? Plus, hear from McCullough’s sister, Janet, who turned her brother in and testified against him. Why does she say she’s convinced her brother is guilty? And, learn why McCullough’s stepdaughter, Janey, says her stepfather is not a murderer. Could McCullough have been wrongfully convicted?


Thursday - October 23, 2014

A Real-Life "Catch Me if You Can": Is This the World's Greatest Teen Con Artist?

Two years ago, at age 18, Matthew Scheidt was convicted of impersonating a physician assistant and practicing medicine without a license at a Florida hospital. According to prosecutors, he dressed wounds, examined patients and even performed CPR — despite having no qualifications for the position. Four months after being bonded out of a juvenile detention center, he was arrested again — for allegedly impersonating a police officer. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Matthew, now 20, speaks out for the first time. How does he explain his actions? And, now that he is a convicted felon, how can he repair his reputation and move toward a more promising future?


Friday - October 24, 2014

Bright, Beautiful and Blowing It: "Help My Teen Before It's Too Late!"

Vanessa and Kurt are fed up with Vanessa’s 15-year-old daughter, Emily, who they say is drinking, smoking pot, popping prescription pills and causing constant chaos. Vanessa admits she has no clue what to do, and Kurt says Emily makes life in the house so unbearable that he rarely speaks to her — and would prefer she move out. Emily admits she occasionally drinks and smokes pot but insists she’s not the partier her mother and stepfather make her out to be. How does she describe her behavior? And, hear from Emily’s biological father, Jason, who says he supports his daughter and doesn’t believe she is out of control — is he just naive? Dr. Phil brings this blended family together in search of a solution. Will Emily and her parents take ownership of the situation and get this family back on track?




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