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Monday - March 30, 2015

1,000 Lies and Counting: A Husband Who Can't Tell the Truth

Melisa claims her estranged husband, Chris, is a pathological liar who lies about anything and everything — from small things, like what he had for lunch, to more elaborate lies, like posing as an airline pilot making $500,000 a year so he could view a luxury home. She says during their five years together, Chris has also struggled to hold a job, and she claims he has resorted to stealing money from her. Melisa and Chris are currently separated, but with a young child and another baby on the way, Melisa says she’s desperate to make things work. Chris admits he has a problem with telling the truth and insists he wants to change — but is that just another lie? Dr. Phil sits down with Melisa and Chris in search of a resolution. What’s at the root of Chris’ behavior? Meet Chris’ father, Steve, who says his son has been lying since he was a child. Has Steve been enabling his son’s behavior? And, should Melisa and Chris work on their relationship or call it quits?


Tuesday - March 31, 2015

Help! My Daughter is Addicted to Dangerous Men

Rhonda says she fears her 18-year-old daughter, Jade, is putting herself in harm’s way by pursuing dangerous men, including a recent relationship with a man in prison! Rhonda says she’ll do anything to keep Jade safe, including turning off her cell phone at night, restricting her Internet access and even blocking certain TV channels -- measures Jade calls “psycho.” Dr. Phil sits down with mother and daughter. Is Rhonda being too controlling, or does she have reason for concern? Then, Vickey says the night her ex allegedly attacked and shot her in the face was a night she had been planning for -- by hiding seven guns throughout their house for protection. Hear her shocking story and why she says she believes her ex might know information about the disappearance of a missing pregnant woman. Then, watch as Robin McGraw -- along with her foundation, When Georgia Smiled, and The Home Depot -- provides a local shelter for women and children with a deserving surprise! And, teachers and students share with Robin how The Aspire Initiative opened their eyes about abuse. Plus, go along with Robin as she is invited to speak at Miami Dade College in honor of Women’s History Month!


Wednesday - April 1, 2015

"Falsely Accused of Murder and Now My Life is Spiraling out of Control"

Kezia says she is desperate to get help for her 27-year-old daughter, Derica, who she says has spiraled out of control since witnessing her best friend’s murder a year and a half ago — and then being wrongly accused of the crime. Derica says even though the charges were dropped, she has struggled to cope with the backlash in her hometown, and she admits she turned to drugs to escape reality. But now, Derica says she has been clean for five weeks — since learning she is pregnant, although she admits she still smokes cigarettes. Emotions run high when Dr. Phil sits down with Derica, Kezia, and Derica’s younger sister, Tristin. Can Derica find a way to get her life back on track? Tristin says Derica’s dangerous behavior started long before the murder and claims their mother is a big part of the problem — is she enabling Derica? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for Kezia — and a sobering wake-up call for Derica about the effects smoking can have on an unborn child. Will it make an impact and help her stay clean? Can this family come together to help Derica heal and move forward?


Thursday - April 2, 2015

Flirty Emails and Suspicious Photos: "Is My Husband a Cheater or Just a Charmer?"

Sarah says she is convinced her husband of 20 years, Ed, is a liar and a cheater, and she has spent years gathering “evidence” to try to prove that he has been physically unfaithful. Ed admits he has flirted and sexted with other woman and that he had an emotional affair with a co-worker, which he continued even after promising to end things. But he insists the relationship never became physical, and it’s in the past. Will Sarah ever be able to trust Ed, and should she? Dr. Phil sits down with the couple in search of answers and a resolution. Sarah says she believes Ed is a sex addict, and a counselor even diagnosed him as such — is that possible? Plus, one thing Ed and Sarah agree on is that their marital dysfunction is hurting their two teenage sons. Hear from their 18-year-old son — what does he say about the situation? Sarah says she has started the divorce process but isn’t quite ready to pull the trigger. Can this marriage be saved, or is it time to walk away?


Friday - April 3, 2015

Bright, Beautiful and Blowing It: "Help My Teen Before It's Too Late!"

Vanessa and Kurt are fed up with Vanessa’s 15-year-old daughter, Emily, who they say is drinking, smoking pot, popping prescription pills and causing constant chaos. Vanessa admits she has no clue what to do, and Kurt says Emily makes life in the house so unbearable that he rarely speaks to her — and would prefer she move out. Emily admits she occasionally drinks and smokes pot but insists she’s not the partier her mother and stepfather make her out to be. How does she describe her behavior? And, hear from Emily’s biological father, Jason, who says he supports his daughter and doesn’t believe she is out of control — is he just naive? Dr. Phil brings this blended family together in search of a solution. Will Emily and her parents take ownership of the situation and get this family back on track?




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