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          September 23, 2016

          "Help! My Beautiful Teen Daughter Is Living in a Motel with Two Strangers"

          Marcia is worried because her 19-year old daughter, Cheyenne, is living in a motel with a pimp and a prostitute, who she believes have taken her under their wing. But Cheyenne says if it weren’t for Chris and Brooke, she would have been homeless after her mom kicked her out for the fourth time. Chris says he isn’t a pimp and Brooke and Cheyenne aren’t prostitutes. So why are men paying $200 an hour for a “special massage?” Dr. Phil gives his opinion about where they are headed.

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          September 22, 2016

          Where Is Kyron? Sexting And 2 Failed Polys, What Does The Stepmother Know?

          Where is 7-year-old Kyron Horman? The little boy went missing six years ago after his school science fair. His stepmother, Terri Horman, gives her version of what Kyron’s parents have called Terri’s “bizarre behavior” after her stepson vanished.

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          September 21, 2016

          Where Is Missing Kyron Horman? His Stepmother Speaks

          Where is 7-year-old Kyron Horman? The little boy vanished six years ago without a trace after his school science fair. His parents claim his stepmother, Terri, knows what happened to him. Terri Horman tells her side of the story.

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          September 20, 2016

          Workout Wars: Who’s Stalking Who?

          Janet Jones found fame and success with her sexy, high energy exercise program, “Vixen Workout.”  Janet is living her life in the spotlight, but she claims a former instructor she terminated, Nikki, is not only out to destroy her but also anyone associated with her, leaving this exercise diva “living in fear.” But Nikki claims it’s Janet and her Vixen Army of followers that are harassing and stalking her. Plus, Dr. Phil visits the cast on set of the new CBS Primetime Drama, Bull

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          September 19, 2016

          Who Killed Child Beauty Queen JonBenet Ramsey?

          Burke Ramsey breaks his silence on the 20-year anniversary of his sister, JonBenet Ramsey’s, murder. Inside the evidence that exonerated Burke and his family. Plus, John Ramsey gives his final interview.

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          September 16, 2016

          A House On Fire, A Dog in Flames – "Our Brother Is Out Of Control"

          Carolyn and Laura reached out to Dr. Phil pleading for help with their brother, Matt, who they say is out-of-control and bipolar. They claim Matt self-medicates with alcohol and is repeatedly getting himself into trouble. Carolyn and Laura say that Matt’s wife, Nancy, is the reason for Matt’s manic episodes; including setting his own house on fire and leaving his dog with burns and paint marks. Nancy says that the majority of Matt’s issues stem from his mental illness and that she refuses to leave him because he doesn’t have anyone else he can rely on. Can Dr. Phil help this dysfunctional family make amends and construct a healthy lifestyle for Matt?

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          September 14, 2016

          "I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime"

          Barbara Ann says her daughter Danielle is out of control. Barbara Ann claims she steals, lies and at just 13 years old, she says she doesn’t know what to do with her. Barbara Ann says she would rather hand Danielle over to the authorities as she says she can’t control her. While filming with the Dr. Phil staff, Danielle stole a Dr. Phil crew member’s car and went joyriding. Danielle, on the other hand, says her mom is too overbearing and controlling, and that she just wants to live her life and needs her mom to back off.

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          September 13, 2016

          JonBenet Ramsey: Brother Burke and the Secret Interrogation Tapes

          Inside the unsolved murder of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. In his first public interview ever, JonBenet’s brother, Burke Ramsey, addresses the rampant speculation that his mother was involved in covering up JonBenet’s murder to protect him. Plus, never before seen tapes of 9-year-old Burke Ramsey being interviewed by a psychologist just 13 days after his sister’s murder.

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          September 12, 2016

          The JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Brother Burke Breaks His 20-Year Silence

          The murder of JonBenet Ramsey is one of America’s most infamous unsolved mysteries. Two decades after the 6-year-old beauty queen’s murder, only one person who was known to be in the house on the night of the murder has never spoken. Today, in an interview 20 years in the making,  JonBenet’s brother Burke finally breaks his silence.

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          September 09, 2016

          Mommy Dearest or Unfit Daughter? A Face Off That Has Been Years In the Making

          Lisa says she is convinced her daughter Sara is a drug addict and “unfit.” Lisa says Sara is out-of-control and claims that she stole her own grandmother’s identity to obtain credit cards in her name and spent over $1,000. Sara denies taking drugs and says her mom is hateful and mean. Sara says she wants one thing and one thing only… an apology from her mom for the accusations and, according to Sara, turning her own kids against her. But will she get it?

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          September 08, 2016

          Privileged, Pretty and Pregnant: Going Down The Wrong Path

          Diane says her 26-year-old daughter, Kelly, had everything growing up: a big house in a gated community, a pony that took her to kindergarten, private schools, summer camp, art lessons, modeling school … anything Kelly wanted. Her father, Bruce, was a successful Harvard and Stanford educated plastic surgeon and Diane was his surgical nurse. But when Diane divorced Bruce 10 years ago, Diane says Kelly turned into a rebellious out-of-control teenager.

          Diane says she tried everything to get her daughter back on track, but claims Kelly, now 26, is completely off the rails: she is homeless, an alcoholic and living on the streets with her ex-con fiancé, Robert. Diane says that to make matters worse, Kelly is three months pregnant with her fiancé’s baby, and Diane is terrified she’s going to get a call that her beautiful, intelligent daughter is dead. Kelly says she quit drinking for her baby’s sake, but has she? Dr. Phil gives Kelly and Robert a wake-up call.

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          September 07, 2016

          Frat Boy Dubbed "The Cannibal Killer": His Father Speaks

          Media dubbed 19-year-old Florida college student Austin Harrouff the “Frat Boy Cannibal Killer” after he allegedly stabbed a couple to death, biting one of his alleged victim’s face and abdomen while making animal noises. Austin also allegedly stabbed the couple’s neighbor who was attempting to save their lives. The violent crime and Austin’s reportedly superhuman strength left police questioning if  the “zombie” street drug Flakka was to blame. But Austin’s father believes mental illness caused the tragedy. In an exclusive interview, Austin’s father discusses his son’s bizarre behavior leading up to the crimes.

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          September 06, 2016

          "My Daughter Stole My Credit Cards, Forged Checks and Was Arrested For Driving a Getaway Car in A Burglary"

          Wendy says her 23-year-old daughter, Stephanie, is a “bully”, who she claims has been abusive and manipulative for years. Wendy claims Stephanie’s behavior is so out of control that she fears for her safety. She says Stephanie has been arrested several times and claims she stole $13,000 from her. Wendy says she had Stephanie hospitalized several times for her behavior but claims Stephanie always manages to manipulate the doctors and they always release her. So, Wendy says she finally kicked Stephanie out of the house about two months ago and filed a temporary restraining order against her. But the night before Wendy and Stephanie were supposed to fly to Los Angeles, Wendy says that Stephanie demanded that her mother allow her to move back home or she would not get on the plane to come to the show. After hours of negotiating back and forth, Wendy says she finally agreed.

          Stephanie claims her mother is really the problem because she is “always yelling and acting ‘psycho’.” Stephanie claims that one minute her mother is acting nice and calm and the next, she is raging angry. Can Dr. Phil get this mother and daughter to come to a truce? Will Wendy allow her daughter to continue living at home after the show?

          Plus, an update on a woman who appeared on the show two years ago warring with her mother after she accused her of “abandoning” her children for a life on the streets. What happened to them after the show

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          September 05, 2016

          Is This Lying Granny Ready To Come Clean?

          Erik wrote to Dr. Phil begging for help with what he called his codependent relationship with his mother, Kathy. Erik says that he and his mom have had an ongoing battle with drug addiction. In fact, Erik admits that he spends up to $30,000 on heroin each month. Erik claims that Kathy begs him for heroin as soon as she wakes up every morning and says Kathy flips out if he refuses to give her drugs. Erik says that Kathy is the reason why he has not been able to get clean. Kathy claims that watching Erik use heroin made her curious and she asked him if she could try it. She says she has kept the secret from her daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie says she is horrified with her family’s behavior and has threatened to disown them if they do not get clean. Can Dr. Phil get this family back on track?

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          September 02, 2016

          Addicted to 'Rock' But Now At Rock Bottom

          Kris, 43, has been chasing his dream of being a rock and roll superstar his entire life. He says he’s “addicted to fame” and just like a drug addiction, the pursuit of his dream has cost him everything. Kris’ rock idol, Gene Simmons from KISS, makes a surprise appearance to help set Kris straight. And, Dr. Phil tells Kris what he must do to get his life back on track.

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          September 01, 2016

          Will Ashley Confess?

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with husband and wife, Nathan and April, who claim a woman named Ashley is fixated on their beautiful twin daughters.

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          August 31, 2016

          "I Believe A Stranger Is Obsessed With My Beautiful Twin Daughters and Has 'Cyber Hijacked' Them!"

          April claims a woman named Ashley is electronically “stealing” pictures of her twin daughters and posing as their mother online! April claims that Ashley h

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          August 30, 2016

          "Help Me Dr. Phil, I Believe My Husband Is Poisoning My Food and Injecting Me with Needles!"

          Pat claims for the last nine months, her husband, Mira, has been injecting her with poison while she sleeps as well as poisoning her food, so he can molest their three teenage daughters. Mira adamantly denies the allegations and says his wife’s accusations are part of a delusional and paranoid mental illness, and he is desperate for her to get help. How does Mira respond to the hundreds of photos of what Pat claims are needle injection marks all over her body? Plus, Dr. Phil sits down with their three teenage daughters and asks them if their father has ever abused them.

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          August 29, 2016

          "Fat Guy" Bikes Cross Country: To Save His Life or to Scam America?

          Self-proclaimed “fat guy” Eric says he was 560 pounds and unhappy with his weight, so he decided to do something unexpected — go on an epic bike ride across America. He says his goals were to lose weight, write a book and rescue his failing relationship with his wife. After his story went viral, thousands of dollars rolled into his GoFundMe campaign and so did the critics, saying Eric was scamming America. Is Eric trying to lose weight and save his life and marriage, or is he just conning the country? Find out as he also confronts some of his “haters” face-to-face for the first time.

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