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Monday - August 3, 2015

From Top TV Newscaster to Drunken Mom

Christi says she was once a three-time Emmy-winning TV news reporter at the top of her career, but her struggle with alcohol addiction has now left her jobless, sleeping in bushes and estranged from her two adult daughters, Heather and Haleigh. Christi says her downward spiral began in 2010, when she became addicted to Oxycodone after a car accident. She says she hasn’t touched pills in years but admits she now drinks three or four nights a week, sometimes calling her daughters and leaving nasty voicemails. Christi says she knows she has a problem and is desperate to get her life back on track. But is she really ready to be totally honest? Emotions run high when Christi and her daughters are reunited for the first time in more than two years on Dr. Phil’s stage. Heather says her mother is a “con artist” who has struggled with drinking and drugs since Heather was a teen, and she wrote her off a long time ago. Will she be open to giving Christi another chance? And, where does Haleigh stand? Plus, when offered a chance to get sober, will Christi accept?


Tuesday - August 4, 2015

"My Cyberbullied Daughter Killed Herself; Now I'm Being Harassed Online by a Stranger"

Tricia says her 12-year-old daughter, Rebecca Ann, a.k.a. Becca, sadly took her own life in Sept. 2013 after being cyberbullied -- a tragedy that made national headlines. Now, Tricia says she can’t even grieve her loss, because she claims she is being harassed online by a stranger who happens to share the same name as her deceased daughter. Tricia claims the woman, Rebecca Ann, has falsely accused her 20-year-old daughter, Summer, of killing Becca -- and Tricia of covering it up. Tempers flare when Tricia and Summer face Rebecca Ann for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. Why does Rebecca Ann insist she “knows” Becca didn’t commit suicide? And, hear from Becca’s father -- does he support Rebecca Ann’s quest to have the case reopened? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice to everyone involved. Has Rebecca Ann overstepped her boundaries? Plus, how can Tricia move forward in peace and finally begin to grieve her daughter’s loss?


Wednesday - August 5, 2015

Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters? "Help Me Find My Teen Daughters"

Brian says he has been living a parent’s worst nightmare since July 2014, when his teenage daughters, Sydney, 15, and Danielle, 14, vanished while visiting their mother, Michelle, for the summer. Two weeks later, Michelle also disappeared, and Brian, who has full legal custody of the girls, says he believes his ex-wife is hiding them. But Brian’s oldest daughter, Brittany, 19, says she believes the girls ran away so they wouldn’t have to live with Brian, who she claims is overbearing, controlling and abusive -- accusations Brian firmly denies. Dr. Phil brings this father and daughter together for the first time in almost a year in search of answers. Plus, hear from Michelle’s brother, Troy, who says he has twice received videos of Sydney and Danielle. Does he have any idea where they -- or Michelle -- might be? And, see a brand-new video of the girls specifically addressing Dr. Phil. What do they say about the situation? Can Dr. Phil help get to the bottom of this mystery?


Thursday - August 6, 2015

The College Professor and His Many Women

Tanya says her soon-to-be ex-husband, Winston, is a “master manipulator” who used his status as an upstanding Christian professor at a prestigious university to violate her emotionally and financially. Winston says it was Tanya who misrepresented herself during their whirlwind, four-month courtship — and he claims she’s a gold digger. Tensions run high as the estranged couple faces each other on Dr. Phil’s stage — along with two other women who claim Winston also lied to them: His self-proclaimed former fiancée, Julie, and his ex-wife, Kelly. Was Winston engaged to Julie while dating Tanya? Plus, Winston accuses Tanya of hiding a secret from her past and getting him fired from his job — how does she respond? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice for Winston and the three women. Is Winston an imposter, like the women claim — or are they just seeking revenge? And, can everyone move past the accusations and name-calling and reach a truce?


Friday - August 7, 2015

"My Mother is a Menace! She is Controlling My Daughter with Her Money and Turning Her Against Me!"

Rachel says her mother, Dixie, is “controlling, narcissistic and pure evil” and has turned Rachel's 18-year-old daughter, Abbie, against her. She says Dixie is buying Abbie’s loyalty and affection and claims that’s the only reason Abbie chooses to live with her grandmother. Rachel — who hasn’t spoken to Dixie in eight months — admits she was a party girl when she was younger and often wasn’t around for Abbie, but she insists she has changed. How can she repair her relationship with her mother and her daughter? Dixie says she doesn’t trust that Rachel is really a changed woman, and she feels Abbie is better off living with her. What does Abbie have to say about her living situation — and her relationship with her mother? Dr. Phil reunites the three generations. Can they hit the reset button and move forward in a peaceful, healthy way?




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