The Dr. Phil Housewives: If Looks Could Kill

September 21, 2010

On the surface, Alana, Jennifer, Gloria, Rachael, Michelle and Kimm appear to have it all together " successful careers, good families, comfortable homes " but when Dr. Phil peels away the layers, new revelations and even some life-threatening issues are exposed. In a twist of convention, Dr. Phil takes the journey along with his viewers in this multi-part series, learning about the women during each session.


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The intense roundtable discussion with the Dr. Phil Housewives continues. At the conclusion of the premiere episode, Michelle walked out after Alana accused her of being rude and dominating the conversation. Now, she returns, prepared to be part of the process. Dr. Phil turns his attention to Gloria, who can't seem to find a suitable man. When Dr. Phil conducts a powerful demonstration about the statement each woman makes to the world, Gloria has a revelation. When the other women weigh in, can she handle their uncensored opinions? And, when Alana shares why she feels entitled to be judgmental, see whose attitude sets her off. Dr. Phil has some strong advice for the young lawyer. Then, a closer look into her past provides insight to the chip on Alana's shoulder. 



Gloria shares why she's seeking advice: She wants a relationship but wonders if she's too intimidating or if her standards are too high. Dr. Phil suggests that maybe she's not good enough for the type of man she wants.



Gloria reacts and shares her story.



Dr. Phil shows the photos Alana and Gloria sent to the show, to demonstrate the different statements they make. When Dr. Phil illustrates a reason why the soccer moms may not approve of Gloria, she has a revelation. 



"That part didn't occur to me."



The Housewives give Gloria uncensored feedback on what they think of her. Can she handle it? Jennifer thinks Gloria loves that other women see her as a threat. 




See why Gloria says she's lost compassion for the other women.



When Alana shares why she feels entitled to be judgmental, Michelle's attitude sets her off. Dr. Phil has some strong words for Alana, and gets to the bottom of her pain. 


"How different is your personality now than when you were 320 pounds?"


Take a deeper look into Alana's life and why she became who she is.




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