The Dr. Phil Housewives: The Truth Hurts

October 5, 2010

If you've ever felt betrayed, angry, alone or just plain fed up with the way your life is going, then you can't miss The Dr. Phil Housewives! Alana, Jennifer, Gloria, Kimm, Michelle and Rachael say their lives may look complete, but they struggle to deal with issues like infidelity, self-esteem and loneliness.


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Dr. Phil and the Housewives discuss the concept of living an authentic life. Tune in for a valuable lesson about personal truths, and how to generate the life you deserve!



Gloria believes she's living an authentic life, but Dr. Phil isn't so sure. She admits she was hurt after their last discussion and reached out to a Michelle for support. And, Alana finally admits she has a lot in common with the other women " except for one. 

See who Alana is not getting along with now!


After Jennifer explains why she can't leave her broken marriage, Kimm shares a story about her mother who started over after divorce. Dr. Phil digs into Kimm's past and points out that she has never been without a man in her life. He shows proof that she has found motivation to get out of bed before.

See what Dr. Phil uncovers about Kimm.


Dr. Phil further examines Rachael's issues with her parents, and Michelle relates. See why they don't have relationships with their fathers and how it still affects them today.

"I just question if he ever wanted kids."


After hearing Michelle's story, Alana exposes her softer side and apologizes for judging her too quickly.



"I pulled the trigger too fast on you." 

Dr. Phil questions why Jennifer is willing to settle for an unhappy marriage and explains what her next step should be.


"You teach others how to treat you." 


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