Missing for a Decade: The Girl Escapes

June 29, 2012
In part two of her emotional interview with Dr. Phil, Tanya, a young woman who says she was held captive and abused for more than 10 years by a sex offender, shares the intimate details of her horrifying ordeal. How did she survive in such a confined space? When did she meet her captor’s parents, who also lived in the same house? And, perhaps the question on everyone's mind: Why didn't she run?

Catch up on what you missed in "Missing for a Decade: A Girl Held Captive."

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Finally Free
Tanya explains how she finally met her captor’s parents, and when she was finally allowed out of the house for brief trips to local stores. Then, after more than 10 years, Tanya decides to put her life on the line and come clean about who she is to someone she hopes will listen. And, Jill Greenwood, a reporter who first interviewed Tanya the day she was discovered, recalls her first impressions of the missing woman.

“I’m not who you think I am. I’m not Nikki Allen. My name is Tanya Nicole Kach.”

A Predator Back on the Streets?
Tanya says some people blame her for what happened — one of them is her own father. Dr. Phil explains why victims are often incapable of trying to leave their captor. And, Tanya’s former lawyer and coauthor of Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid, Lawrence Fisher, shares why he’s so proud of her progress.   

Plus, just when she thought the worst was over, Tanya learned that Thomas Hose could soon be released from prison.