Plastic Disaster

July 18, 2012
Are you considering plastic surgery? It seems so simple, so harmless: a little nip here, a little tuck there, and you’ll look 10 years younger, right? But beware — if you’re looking for an incredible transformation at a bargain basement price, it’s probably too good to be true.

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Botched Backside
A Florida transgender woman, Oneal Morris, aka “The Duchess,” is facing charges for practicing medicine without a license after she allegedly injected patients' faces and backsides with a toxic concoction that included cement, tire sealant, glue and mineral oil. In an exclusive interview, the first alleged victim, Shaquanda, talks to Dr. Phil. After 38 days in the hospital and a year of painful recovery, how is she now?

“When she started shooting me, it started pinching and burning.”

Trying to Match Her Outside to Her Inside
Rajee, a transgender female, says she took a chance and had Oneal Morris perform injections on her face, buttocks and chest. It took some time for her to have a reaction, but when she did, she says large, hard nodules formed on her cheekbones. Find out how she is now. And, Corey Eubank, the man accused of being Morris' assistant, speaks out, along with his attorney.

“I could’ve died.”

Do Your Homework
Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. John Martin, Jr., who’s working to repair Rajee’s procedures, and Dr. Anthony Griffin join Dr. Phil. Find out why they say you should always be suspicious if a procedure sounds inexpensive. And, see some shocking photos and a video of botched plastic surgery procedures.

Plus, know the questions you should be asking your plastic surgeon before you go under the knife.