Weight Wars

January 6, 2012
Dr. Phil’s guests face off in the battle of the bulge! Kristen says her skinny sister calls her names and makes fun of her weight, and she wants their ugly fights to stop. Then, Tanisha says she avoids family dinners, especially on holidays, because her sisters make hurtful comments about her weight. Can Dr. Phil bring peace to these sibling relationships?

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Sister vs. Sister
At 21, Kristen weighs 235 pounds — almost twice as much as her sister, Tiffany. She says Tiffany takes any chance to taunt her about her weight, and she's ready for their fights to stop. Can Dr. Phil put an end to this sibling rivalry and help Kristen lose weight for good?

“She calls me fat ass; fat bitch."

Tanisha's Double Trouble
Since gaining weight after having her baby, Tanisha says her two sisters, Sandi and Tiana, constantly make hurtful comments about her weight. Dr. Phil delivers the diva duo a much-needed wake-up call. Plus, hear his advice for Tanisha.

"I'm kind of astonished that you two don't see just how rude and annoying you are."

Weight Frenemies
Dr. Phil surprises two friends in the audience who love to sabotage each other. Will these competitive pals take on a daunting swimsuit challenge?

"Whenever I see her, I think, we are having pizza."

Rhenotha's P.I.N.K. Update
Former Dr. Phil guest Rhenotha returns to share her weight loss update. How many pounds has she shed on P.I.N.K. Method?

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