Khalood is Back, and You Won't Believe It!

August 23, 2012
Monster In-Law Khalood is back, and she’s made a surprising turn: She says her son-in-law, Steve, whom she dubbed "Dumbass," is no longer the target of her wrath — it’s her daughter, Fallon, whom she now calls “Wicked Princess.” Why is she pointing the finger at her own child?

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Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Khalood says her daughter, Fallon, has changed for the worse and become a lazy, spoiled brat. Fallon's father, Jerry, calls her “KIT —  Khalood in Training.” How does Fallon feel about being the new target in their household? And why, despite the tension, do Fallon and Steve still live with Khalood and Jerry?

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Khalood admits that she should have listened to Dr. Phil. “I made a big mistake.” 

See what happens when Steve, a paramedic, is called upon to take care of Khalood!  

Fallon and Steve say they don’t have any privacy, so why do they choose to live with Fallon’s parents?

Fallon reveals a painful loss, which she says was made worse by Khalood’s response.

Dr. Phil attempts to get to the heart of the matter.

Khalood and Fallon share an emotional moment while reading letters that they wrote to each other.