Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge

December 6, 2004

Dr. Phil kicks off the Ultimate FAMILY Weight Loss Challenge! With these two families leading the cause, it's time for parents and children to take action and change their future forever.

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Meet Pennie and Vic, and their sons, Luke and Jake. The average American family fighting the current American nightmare: Family Obesity.

"We're here to lose, Dr. Phil's program is the way we choose."

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Meet Kim and Larry, and their daughters, Dayle and Grace. They say busy schedules, no time for exercise and eating TV dinners keeps them from taking off the pounds.

"We don't need no pill, 'cause we got Dr. Phil."

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Game Time
Jumping rope, shooting hoops, doing push-ups and more — the two teams face off in the first ever family physical fitness competition.

Find out which team wins, and see the prize.


House Guests
Two special visitors show up on the doorstep of the Pennington and Hall houses to help them get started.


Creating a no-fail environment.



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