The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance

October 9, 2006

Todd and Jessica are having a marriage meltdown. Their last resort is to move into The Dr. Phil House, where cameras monitor their every move " and every explosive fight.

Click Here to catch the action just as Dr. Phil sees it: from video monitors in his control room.

Part 1 summary: Todd, Jessica and their kids travel to L.A., however their scheduled move into The Dr. Phil House is threatened because Jessica files an EPO (Emergency Protection Order) against Todd. See Part 1 of the web cam.

Part 2 summary: Dr. Phil steps in after Todd and Jessica have a marathon fight in front of their kids. Jessica finally gets honest with Dr. Phil. See Part 2 of the web cam.

Part 3 summary: Jessica confesses to Todd that she's had two affairs during their marriage. Todd's mother, Sandie, drops in unexpectedly. Dr. Phil talks with the boys and Jessica has a heart-to-heart talk with Todd's son, Justin. Jessica receives a phone call that angers both Todd and Sandie. See Part 3 of the web cam.

Part 4 summary: The other man tells Jessica not to contact him anymore. Todd and Jessica have another heated discussion. They have their final meeting with Dr. Phil, who gives them a stern warning about parenting their children. They both commit to working on their marriage upon returning home, but when Dr. Phil checks in two months later, only Todd participates in a follow-up. What does the future hold for Todd, Jessica and the kids? See Part 4 of the web cam.