The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention, Part 3

December 4, 2006



Please note: The on-the-street footage in this series was filmed by a concerned outside party and sent to the Dr. Phil show. Upon receipt of this compelling video, the Dr. Phil show began immediate efforts to plan and arrange necessary interventions and inspire these young adults to get out of harm's way. 

Twin sisters are on the brink of death in a gritty, in-your-face look at the realities of drug addiction, homelessness and prostitution that should be a wake-up call to all parents. Sarah and Tecoa, 25, had a typical childhood, filled with love and all the outward signs of a normal, happy family " until their parents divorced and their beloved stepfather exited their lives. Sarah and Tecoa say they turned to drugs and sex while in their teens, to fill the void left when they became fatherless, and their lives have been in free fall ever since. Now, Sarah lives minute to minute on the streets, consumed with her quest for heroin and crack cocaine, and selling her body to pay for her drugs. Tecoa is currently clean, but not by choice. She's been in jail, unable to do anything but think about drugs. She's also six months pregnant. Joani, a former Dr. Phil guest and recovering addict herself, found Sarah on the streets and documented her days and nights for a month. 


Part 1 summary: Sarah and Tecoa's mother, Cindy, sits down with Dr. Phil to answer some hard questions about how her daughters' lives have spun so out of control. Dr. Phil shows her some of the video footage of Sarah's life on the street, selling her body, smoking crack cocaine and shooting heroin, while Tecoa explains how it all began. In a race against time, Dr. Phil gets the sisters off the streets and into The Dr. Phil House. Will Sarah and Tecoa commit to rehab and stay clean? See Part 1 of the web cam.


Part 2 summary: Just one day off heroin, Sarah is monitored medically as she goes through painful withdrawal symptoms. Tecoa has been clean for two weeks, but struggles with her own drug cravings while six months pregnant and providing support for her detoxing sibling. Is she sabotaging Dr. Phil's efforts to get Sarah healthy? Dr. Phil shows Sarah and Tecoa a terrifying look into their future. Is it enough to scare them straight? See Part 2 of the web cam.


Part 3 summary: Dr. Phil asks Cindy some hard questions about her own history of alcohol use and how she is sabotaging Tecoa's sobriety and the health of her unborn baby. Then, as Sarah begins to emerge from her haze of drug use and withdrawal, Dr. Phil reunites her and Tecoa with the only father they ever knew, Perry, who they say they haven't seen since they were 12. Perry and his wife, Rene, explain why they had to cut ties with the girls, and Sarah and Tecoa confront him for the pain he caused when he left, and the role they say it played toward their decline. Feeling some closure on that chapter in their lives, the twins focus on what's ahead: Rehabilitation. Dr. Phil informs the sisters that they will be headed to two separate rehab centers. As they leave The Dr. Phil House and say goodbye, Dr. Phil reminds them that this is just the first step in their journey. See Part 3 of the web cam.



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