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Name: Randi Miller, Ph.D.

Address: 8 Resevior Circle, Suite 103, Baltimore, MD 21208

Phone Number: 410-664-0018

Specialty/Specialties: Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Relationship Issues, Personality Disorders, Life Coaching, Marriage, Eating Disorder

Qualifications: George Washington University, 1991

About: I believe that many psychological disorders are caused by deficits in self esteem. Self-esteem tends to get damaged in childhood, and problems in self-perception underlie mood and anxiety disorders, compulsive behaviors and relationship choice. Therapy is geared towards the improvement of self-esteem through a process of validation and empathy of needs, feelings, and desires. The ideal client is someone who recognizes that he/she doesn't feel "good enough" and who wants to change that perception of self. Also interested in working with people whose choices are self-destructive.

I am a therapist who prefers to work in an interactive manner with the client. I don't stay silent, but actively participate with the client in the process of self-acceptance, and in learning new ways of looking at life experience. I blend psychodynamic concepts with cognitive-behavioral techniques.

My practice tends to focus on self-esteem as a cause, rather than a consequence of psychological distress. My work with clients focuses on helping clients identify the source of their internal wounds, and to heal those wounds in self-affirming ways. I now also offer therapy via Webcam.

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