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Name Specialties Qualifications
Van Austin, Ph.D.
3775 Constellation Road, Ste 3
Lompoc, CA 93436
Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Relationship Issues, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD] Depression, ADHD, Relationship issues, Anxiety or Fears
Vera Gatch, Ph.D.
1818 W. Lindsey St., Ste C120
Norman, OK 73069
Vital Sources, LLC Comprehensive Psychological Services with Christian Professionals,
301-620-8700 x120
116 Record Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Walter Shepard, Ph.D.
2149 Mango Place
Jacksonville, FL 32207-3325
Wayne Rutchgy, Ph.D.
788 Lexington Ave
Mansfeild, OH 44907
Wendy Wood, M.A., L.M.H.C.
727 821-1664
467 1st Ave. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Anxiety/Fears, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD], Domestic Abuse/Violence, Thinking Disorders, Sex-Related Issues, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder [OCD], Marriage LMHC, Qualified Clinical Supervisor, Published Writer, Certified in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy, American Board of Examiners, Affiliated with AACC and Network Institute for Christian Counseling
Wesley Walker, L.P.C., M.A.
900 Austin Ave. Suite 1001
Waco, Texas 76701
Family, Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Relationship Issues, Child and Adolescent Issues, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD], Domestic Abuse/Violence, Personality Disorders, Loss/Grief, Sex-Related Issues
William Hall, M.A.
3761 Teays Valley Rd
Hurricane, WV 25526
William Martin, Ph.D.
675 Camino de los Mares, Ste 302
San Clemente, CA 92673
Wynn Mosman,
803 S. Jefferson, Ste 4
Moscow, ID 83843
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