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          Father Faces Child Past Molestation Questions: His Polygraph Results Revealed

          May 20, 2016

          Just hours after the birth of his son, Jayson was barred from seeing his newborn, when Child Protective Services arrived to the hospital, and, according to his girlfriend, Kristina, informed them that a court had previously found that Jayson had sexually abused two of his other children.

          Jayson adamantly denies molesting his children despite the official findings, and Kristina claims she did not know why Jayson had been stripped of his parental rights.

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          “Jayson told me that he had lost the rights to his four children because of his ex-wife being neglectful,” Kristina says.

          Now, Jayson – who has not seen his son since the day he was born – comes to Dr. Phil asking to take a polygraph exam to try and clear his name.

          “Everybody thinks I’m this bad person, and I’m not,” Jayson says.

          WATCH: Father, Girlfriend Respond After He Takes Polygraph Exam Regarding Molestation Claims

          Watch the video above, as Dr. Phil reads the results of Jayson’s polygraph exam, where he was asked, “Did you ever touch your oldest daughter for sexual reasons?”

          This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday.

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