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          Father, Girlfriend Respond After He Fails Polygraph Exam Regarding Molestation Claims

          May 20, 2016

          Jayson was stripped of his parental rights after official findings that he had molested two of his children. When he welcomed a son with his new girlfriend, Kristina, authorities again intervened and barred Jayson from seeing the child.

          But Jayson insists he never molested his children, and he came to Dr. Phil requesting a polygraph exam to try and clear his name.

          WATCH: Father Faces Child Past Molestation Questions: His Polygraph Results Revealed

          When asked, “Did you ever touch your oldest daughter for sexual reasons?”, the results of the polygraph exam indicated that Jayson was being “deceptive” when he answered “No.”

          “How is that?” Jayson asks when Dr. Phil reveals the results. “I know I never touched them … I don’t understand."

          According to Jayson, the reason CPS revoked his rights to his other children was due to neglect. But, he claims, “I never touched my kids inappropriately.”

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          “I don’t know what to say,” Jayson continues, reacting to the polygraph exam results. “I just know that I never touched my kids. I just know that for a fact. How can you when you’re not around, for one? I don’t know why I can’t pass a lie detector … but those questions make me sick to my stomach.”

          Watch the video above as Jayson’s girlfriend, Kristina, also reacts to the results. Plus, polygraph expert Jack Trimarco, who conducted the test with Jayson, interprets the test results. Was this a “close call”?

          This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday.

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