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          Father Of 7 Explains Sending Money To Mistress In Mexico For Supposed Lung Transplant

          May 27, 2016

          Karina and her six sisters claim their father, Maurice, has conned and stolen nearly $2 million from friends, family, and strangers to give to his former mistress, Josefina, who reportedly insists he is her only hope to keep her from dying from numerous medical conditions.

          Maurice admits to stealing money, including $200,000 from his own daughter, and says he did it because he believes Josefina, who lives in Mexico, has been gravely ill.

          “I believe Josefina is truly sick,” Maurice says. “It’s a matter of life and death.”

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          Maurice says he met Josefina when she was a maid at a hotel he was staying at in Mexico. What ensued, he says, was a three-month affair.

          Four years later, Maurice says Josefina called him, claiming she needed money for a lung transplant.
          “She didn’t have anybody to go to,” Maurice tells Dr. Phil.

          According to Maurice, Josefina used the money he sent her to purchase a lung on the black market, and then took the lung to the hospital for a transplant. But when the transplant didn’t take, doctors removed the lung, put a new lung in, and Josefina “stored” the rejected lung before turning around and selling it to someone else in exchange for a million-dollar ranch.

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          When the next woman who got the lung eventually died, Maurice says Josefina got the lung back and sold it for $2 million. But now, she says the bank won’t release the money to her “because it’s too much money.”

          Besides having a lung transplant, Maurice says Josefina also told him she has battled seven bouts of brain cancer.

          “I believe Josefina is truly sick,” Maurice says. “It’s a matter of life and death.”

          WATCH: Dr. Pat Basu, Chief Medical Officer, Doctor On Demand, Weighs In On Josefina’s Reported Medical Claims

          Despite the fact that Maurice says he hasn’t seen Josefina in over 13 years, he says he is convinced she was telling him the truth.

          Watch the video above as Dr. Phil runs down the timeline of alleged events surrounding Josefina’s mysterious lung transplants.

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