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          Grandmother’s List Of Demands For Son, Fiancée To Regain Custody Of Their Child

          April 25, 2016

          Kim was granted guardianship of her grandson, Conrad, when he was 6 months old.

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          Kim’s son, Sam, and his fiancée, Shannon, say they agreed to the guardianship because they weren’t ready to be parents at the time.

          “When I first had Conrad, I was young, I was dumb. I had no idea what I was doing,” Shannon admits.

          But now, Sam and Shannon say they are in a better place – and they want their son back.

          “I am 100 percent ready and able to be a good mother to Conrad. Today, I’m in a much better place,” Shannon adds.

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          Shannon says she even went to counseling and enrolled in college-level parenting courses to help her become a better mother.

          However, Kim says she still has concerns about Sam and Shannon’s abilities as parents, and she has a list of demands for the couple if they want to get their son back.

          Watch the video above as Dr. Phil reads off the list of Kim’s demands for Sam and Shannon, and see why Dr. Phil calls one of Kim’s requests “ridiculous.” Watch more from this episode here.

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