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          Woman Who Alleges Abuse In Her Relationship Says ‘Sometimes I Feel Like It’s My Fault’

          May 16, 2016

          Jordan claims her fiancé has become physically abusive. According to Jordan’s allegations, Kyle has hit her, kicked her, choked her and left her bruised – but that, at times, she is partially to blame.

          “I do things out of the norm. I do know how to push Kyle’s buttons,” Jordan tells Dr. Phil. “Sometimes I do feel like it’s my fault.”

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          Jordan says Kyle – who adamantly denies being physically abusive with Jordan – gets upset if he thinks she’s not acting like an “adult.”

          “He’s insistent upon being up at a certain time and doing things a certain way and behaving like an adult. And if I sleep in too late, it drives him crazy,” she says. “And, he also thinks that the fact that I still want to go out and have fun, and go to bars and enjoy being young before I have children, and more adult responsibilities, he thinks I’m too old for that. He’s very controlling.”

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          Jordan and Kyle also vehemently disagree about so-called “take downs” (a technique Kyle says her uses only to disable her when he alleges she is attacking him) – and, she says often, she can see it coming.

          “I can see it in his eyes when it’s about to happen, I know,” she says. “He just has this look in his eyes, like a demon is taking over and … he just snaps.”

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          Watch the video above as Dr. Phil responds to Jordan’s allegations and addresses her claim that her behavior could justify anyone putting their hands on her in anger.

          This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday.

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