6 Ways To Affair-Proof Your Marriage

There are no guarantees that you or your spouse will never cheat, but you can do your best to inoculate yourself against infidelity by plugging into your marriage.

1. Turn toward your partner, not away.
If you have problems within your relationship, then you fix them within your relationship. You never fix a problem by turning to someone outside the relationship; all that does is create more problems.

2. If you want to have a good partner, be a good partner.
You can’t control anyone but yourself. Put 100 percent into your marriage, be attentive, and you will reap huge rewards in return.

3. Work on your marriage every day, not just during the bad times.
It’s hard to do fire prevention when the house is ablaze. Wake up each day and ask yourself, “What can I do today that will make my marriage better?” Make a plan for how both you and your spouse can contribute positively to your union and work together to keep your marriage on track. Don’t get complacent.

4. Get your marriage out of a rut.
Do you and your spouse do the same routine over and over? Do you find yourself mindlessly going through each day? Bored people are boring. Find a passion, get energized, and make time together to rediscover the love and commitment you have for one another. If you’ve gotten off track, it’s never too late to renegotiate a new plan that works for both of you and helps get you to a better place.

5. Don’t compare your reality to an unattainable fantasy.
It is unfair to compare a fantasy relationship to one you’ve been in for years where there are noses to wipe, bills to pay and a house to run. That is a ridiculous comparison. The grass is not always greener on the other side! Don’t forget that there’s a difference between falling in love and being in love. You can’t expect a love that grows to be like it was on the first date. Also, don’t play games in your head. It’s a short step from thought to action.

6. Take care of yourself.
Eat healthy and exercise to feel your best and so you can take pride in your appearance. When you feel good about yourself, your self-confidence will radiate, and your spouse will notice. It is also important that your spouse do the same.

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