Accomplishing Your Goals

Our tip today has to do with the goals and dreams that you deal with in your life. I believe that the big difference between a goal and a dream is a timeline and accountability. You have to be specific. You can just dream about changing your weight. You can dream about changing your career, but until you specifically define it and put it on a timeline, you'll never really start making movement. Sometimes the obstacles in front of you can be overwhelming. It looks like you have so much to do that there's just no way to get there. Well, you don't have to do it all at once. If you figure out what are the behaviors that will lead to the results, then, trust me, the results will come. Maybe you have to break it down by the week or the hour or sometimes it's just getting through 10 tough minutes during the day. But do it! Don't waste your time. Remember this life is no dress rehearsal. It counts now.

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