Advice For Miserable Millionaires

Money can change everything ... including bringing out the worst in people. If you or someone you know comes into a lot of money, Dr. Phil suggests you keep this in mind.

  • Give yourself the right to say no to someone who's asking for money. It's your choice, so give yourself permission to make a decision that makes you feel comfortable. Don't feel guilty for doing what you decide.

  • There is no moral imperative for you to enrich your friends and family. If you win money, that money is yours.

  • Don't let someone hold you emotional hostage. At the same time, ask yourself: Is the money worth losing a loved one over?

  • Remember that "no matter how flat you make a pancake, it's still got two sides." Put yourself in someone else's shoes and consider alternate perspectives.

  • You don't solve money problems with money. If someone's in a financial bind, it's not your problem to fix. Besides, bailing someone out financially will not necessarily solve the problem.

  • Decide what it means to "help" someone. Will that money really make all the difference? If you had the money for a life-saving transplant that a loved one needed, would you offer it up? Giving someone the money may not be "helping."

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