Are You Addicted to Chaos?

While most people try to avoid drama, research shows that others have figured out how to trigger the body's stress response, just for the rush. Take the test and find out if you're creating chaos in your everyday life!

Directions: Answer the following questions True or False.
  1. Do you usually yell and scream to make your point?
  2. Do you ramp things up to win every argument?
  3. If you get sick, do you feel that EVERYONE should know about it?
  4. When you argue, do you ever break things or knock them over?
  5. Does being calm or bored sound like the worst thing to you?
  6. Do you ever yell at strangers if you feel that they are in your way?
  7. Do you hate it when you are not the center of attention?
  8. Is there usually a crisis to solve in your life?
  9. Do you break up or threaten a break up with a mate often?
  10. Are you usually the one who starts fights?
Results: If you answered True to five or more of the questions above, you are addicted to chaos. Learn how to assess your stress. Learn how to relax.

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