Are You in Debt?

If you are in debt — and still feel the need to buy all the time — pay attention to Dr. Phil's advice:

  • You don't solve money problems with money. You also don't solve emotional problems with money. Look at what your real problem is. Going shopping is not going to solve it.

  • Is your position, "I want what I want when I want it?" And do you not care if you can afford it? You are putting your life in financial ruin — do you realize that?

  • Ask yourself hard questions about what you're spending now. Get real, and don't live a fantasy. Get educated on your bills and your finances. Know where your money is going, read your bills, and make informed decisions.

  • Just as you need to behave with integrity in life, you need to have integrity when it comes to financial issues. Set financial goals and take pride in being responsible.

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