Are You Living To Your Labels?

The danger signs that you are living to your labels are very clear. 1. Your life is grey. There's no passion. You've checked out and are just going through the motions. 2. If you're low on your own priority list, then you know your labels and internal dialogue have taken over. 3. You need someone else's approval. You need someone else to tell you that you're OK, which means you're giving your power away. 4. You're just going along to get along.

More Advice:

  • Don't let your past become your future. Take responsibility.

  • It's not an accident: When you think better, you feel better. But you've got to believe what you're thinking.

  • Don't compare your reality to everyone else's social mask.

  • There is no reality, only perception " especially when it comes to defining who you are.

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