Are You Ready for Motherhood?

Having children isn't always about baking brownies, going to soccer games and taking family vacations. Dr. Phil says there is a level of emotional and financial commitment that many women don't anticipate.   Before you take the plunge to become a mother, ask yourself the following four questions to determine your readiness:

1) Have you thought of the long-term commitment?
Motherhood can be a 20-year or more commitment. Are you willing to make the sacrifices of money, emotion and energy, and put your life on hold? Dr. Phil says, "There is an implied contract with the child that you are saying, 'I will become your fiduciary. I will protect you along the way.'"

2) Have you looked at it from the child's point of view? You may be trying to fill your immediate needs, but are you in a position to offer a stable environment emotionally and financially? Babies don't have a vote. If you're not ready, get ready before you take the plunge.

3) Are you and your spouse on the same page? Do you and your significant other have a game plan for raising the child? Do you agree on discipline, religion and education?

4) Are you having the child for the right reasons? Have you examined why you want to be a mother? "Children shouldn't be born with a job to save your marriage or to create someone who will love you forever," Dr. Phil says.  

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