At-Home Fitness with Robert Reames


Are you trying to lose weight for the new year, but don't have the time or money to go to an expensive gym? Renowned trainer and nutritionist Robert Reames offers the following tips on how you can work out right in your own home!

When I go into a home, a yard or an office, I see the makings of a fitness facility. The awesome news is what I see costs you nothing and is ready for you to use.

The following exercises can transform your home into a gym to help you accomplish your fitness goals:  

  • Walls. Plain wall space can be a support for exercises like wall push-ups, wall sits, wall squats or a place of support for all standing leg lift exercises.
  • Water bottles and/or soup cans. These common household items provide excellent dumbbells that you can use for various exercises. 
  • Chairs. A basic chair provides a piece of equipment for tricep chair dips, chair squats (where you use the chair as a target for your form and range of motion), support for lunges and any standing leg lifts. You can also perform a bent over rowing exercise using the chair for stability and the water bottles for weights. 
  • The floor. So many exercises can be done on the floor, including both knee and standard push-ups, crunches, "Supermans," bridges or to even use the floor as a bench for chest presses with your homemade dumbbells. You can also get to work on your favorite exercise DVDs. 
  • Stairs. Whether you use the stairs to the basement, upstairs or just a few steps that you may have in your home or backyard, stair climbing is one of the most outstanding ways to get a great cardio workout while at the same time tone and develop your entire lower body. Remember: Go quickly up the stairs, but always walk down while holding on to the banister. Indoor or outdoor steps provide a great opportunity to put on your favorite tunes and create your own step aerobics class.

These are just few great ideas to achieve fitness goals and maintain optimum health. Working out doesn't take money; it takes commitment, and it's all about making the right choices. Remember to focus on the Big Four: time efficient exercise, solid nutrition, proper rest and stress management. Maximize and balance these four aspects of life, and you'll operate at peak levels, and have optimum control over your weight and your health for a lifetime.

Robert Reames is the creator of the Robert Reames Lifestyle Transformation System, author of Make Over Your Metabolism and head trainer and nutritionist for Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution.

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