Combat Holiday Overeating

There's no question that we tend to overeat during the holidays, because we're in a target-rich environment with cakes and pies and cookies. We also have extra time on our hands, and we tend to entertain ourselves with food ... and you know, you've got your mom and aunt pushing food on you because we tend to equate food with fun and love. You can decide this year: 'I'm going to look at the camaraderie. I'm going to look at the fellowship. I'm going to do the things that really matter over the holidays instead of eating myself sick.' Most importantly, don't get desperate after the holidays and become a sucker. You will see these diet programs that promise easy, fast, 'we'll melt those pounds off of you.' It's not going to happen. It's not easy, but it is doable. The only thing you need is you, and that's good news.

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