Creating a Support Group

The tip for today has to do with whether you have people around you who share your passions, your goals and your beliefs.   One of the most important things that I've learned in studying human nature is that successful people are very seldom Lone Rangers. Almost everyone I've ever seen who achieves a lot in this life has people around him or her who share their beliefs, share their values and want them to do well. To create that, you have to be willing to educate people as to what's important to you, what your needs are and what you're most passionate about. And ask yourself this: Are you in other people's support group? We tend to get what we give. You need to wonder if you are there for someone else. Do you lift them up? Do you share their passions and their beliefs, even if it's not something that you would aspire to? The first place to look is with your children.

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