Do You Know How to Brat-Proof Your Child?

Do you cave easily to your child's temper tantrums? Unsure if your discipline techniques are doing more harm than good? Betsy Brown Braun, child development and behavior specialist and author of You're Not the Boss of Me, offers the following quiz.

1) What do you do if your child has a case of the "Gimme, Gimme's"?

a. Make them aware of how "spoiled" they are.
b. Make them long for it so they will appreciate it when they actually get it.
c. Have them donate some of their toys to less fortunate children so that they will appreciate what they have.
d. Say no to some of his requests.  

2) What do you do if your child lacks respect?

a. Without mincing words, tell them that they may not talk to you disrespectfully.
b. Send them to their room and tell them why.
c. Show them the back of your hand, just like your father would have done to you.
d. Do not acknowledge their behavior or give them any attention.

3) What do you do when your child lacks responsibility?

a. Tell them what you expect, and if they don't follow through, take some of their possessions away.
b. If they don't do their chores, you do them.
c. Let them feel the consequences of their actions.
d. Take away some or all of their allowance.

4) What do you do if your child isn't self-reliant?

a. Tell them "Only boring people are bored."
b. Help your child (when they are not bored) to make a list of things to do when feeling bored.
c. Warn them that you will take away some of their toys so that they will know what bored is.
d. Make suggestions as to what they could be doing.

5) What do you do when your child has a problem with honesty?

a. Take away their privileges.
b. Tell the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf."
c. Ground them for not telling the truth.
d. Talk to them about why they feel the need to lie.

1) b 2) d 3) c 4) b 5) d  

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