Dr. Phil’s Best Parenting Advice of 2016

Parents want to see their offspring grow up happy, safe, healthy, secure - and feeling good about themselves. Still, parenting isn’t always an easy path to navigate. Some of the toughest parenting trials include learning to co-parent with a former partner, finding your way as an effective stepparent; or dealing with any child – from toddler to teen - who exhibits challenging behaviors. Then there’s the most frightening aspect of parenting anyone can face: keeping our kids safe from predators. 2016 was a challenging year for many of the mothers, fathers, step-parents and even grandparents who were guests on Dr. Phil. Now’s your chance to revisit some of his best parenting advice below!

Co-Parenting with Your Ex
Dealing with an ex when you have children together can be difficult, especially when negative emotions are involved. But being a parent means putting your child’s best interests above your own, and that means finding a way to form an amicable relationship with your ex as co-parents. Read up on Dr. Phil’s best advice on "Co-parenting with Your Ex."

What Role Should a Stepparent Play?

There’s no doubt that being a stepparent is one of the most difficult roles any adult will ever assume. So much pain can be avoided if you can agree on some very basic definitions of that role, and be alert to sensitivities with it.  Check out “What Role Should a Stepparent Play?”  For Dr. Phil’s guidelines on how to navigate the position.

When Your Child Won't Stop Lying

Frustrated because your child continues to lie to you in spite of your disciplinary efforts? Dr. Phil has advice for “When Your Child Won't Stop Lying.”

To Spank or Not To Spank?
The idea behind parental discipline is to ultimately create self-discipline within your child. That means the kid has to learn something — your value system and the difference between right and wrong — that will guide him or her throughout life.

So what do kids learn from being spanked? The hitting itself doesn’t teach them anything. Whether you believe in physical punishment or not, Dr. Phil has some disciplining tips and alternatives to spanking in:“To Spank, or Not To Spank?”

The Five Stages of Grooming By a Pedophile
Ninety percent of child molesters know their victims. Would you recognize a predator near your child or family? Dr. Phil explains "The Five Stages of Grooming By a Pedophile."


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