Eight Tips to Get You Fit By Summer

By Robert Reames, CSCS, *D, RTS1, CPT

It's not too late to get started on Dr. Phil's plan and to get in shape by summer. Here are some quick tips that can change your life forever.

1. What's our get-real weight? Set a realistic goal for what you'd like to weigh by June. This is a short-term goal. You should also set an ultimate goal weight. Weigh yourself today to determine your start weight. Take a measurement of your midsection as well, one inch above your navel area. Record this measurement. These are your "beginning numbers."

2. Immediately schedule in three full-body strength training workouts and four cardio workouts for each week. Make a full commitment to these workouts. Do not miss or cancel them; if you absolutely must miss one, make it up immediately. Exercise is vital in both your short and long term weight loss efforts. If you are currently exercising, step it up to the next level.

3. The same way you set up a no-fail environment when it comes to food, you need to make exercise accessible. As a result, you will exercise longer, harder and with much more consistency. You can purchase equipment that can be used at home, while traveling or in the office. This includes tubing, free weights, stability ball, bench, medicine balls, a multi-station gym or any combination of these for your resistance full-body strength training. You can purchase a treadmill, elliptical, recumbent or upright bike or any cardio machine of choice. You may choose to walk or hike outside. This may be a great time to begin an exercise class such as kickboxing, Tai Chi, Yoga, low-impact aerobics or a dance class. Try a sport that you enjoy such as tennis, basketball, raquetball, handball or martial arts. Shoot hoops with your kids. Keep on moving! As I've said before, we are genetically predispositioned for movement. You'll see a huge difference once you prioritize exercise into your life on a permanent basis.

4. Pick up a copy of The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide. Immediately begin the 14-Day The Rapid Start Plan. This will successfully kick start your weight loss efforts in a big way. Follow the guidelines, menu plans and principles in this book and you will be successful. Keep in mind both your short-term and long-term goals. Stay on track not just for now, but for always.

5. Stock your environment with only High-Response Cost, High-Yield Foods. Say goodbye to food that does not service your weight loss efforts.

6. Encourage a friend, family member or spouse to be an exercise partner and join you in your weight loss efforts — but they must be absolutely committed to success. Sharing your journey to optimal health, fitness and weight loss success can help you reach your goals. Still, on any given day, regardless of your partner's commitment or mood, you must stay totally focused and in the game.

7. As Dr. Phil says, you must put this entire effort on project status. Prioritize your weight loss efforts. Be disciplined and refer Dr. Phil's Seven Keys as often as you need to. Visualize and realize your success in this effort.

8. Take this day by day. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years. The time will go by anyway. Make the best of it. Again, and I cannot stress this enough: This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change. Diets clearly do not work. In fact, if you look at the statistics, you could say that diets are actually fattening! Be proud that you have taken this on and be absolutely confident that you will continue to achieve your goals. Live a happy, robust life. Best of luck in the very best of health.

Disclaimer: All information and answers are given for educational purposes only. Your individual needs may vary. Always consult with your physician before starting or changing any exercise fitness programs and activities.

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